Sunday, October 23, 2011

Census breakdown is interesting

From the Daily News:

City demographers who went digging through 2010 Census data have made some surprising discoveries about the nation's most diverse borough.

The number of Ecuadorians in Queens jumped by more than 19% in the last decade, while the Colombian population declined - revealing nuances about the Latino community in the borough.

And while the booming Chinese population has received much attention, the most dramatic increase among Asians was among Filipinos, whose ranks have grown 25% since the 2000 Census.

Half of the city's Asian population lives in Queens, with 39% identified as Chinese, 23% Indian and 13% Korean.

The borough's Hispanic population is divided almost evenly among groups: Puerto Rican, 17%; Ecuadorian, 16%; Mexican, 15%; Dominican, 14% and Colombian, 12%.


Anonymous said...

"Anyone who has set foot in western Queens in the last decade knows that our population has dramatically increased, not decreased," said state Sen. Michael Gianaris, who represents Astoria.
Well, instead of doing something about it or helping his district (no Mystery Mike, photo ops in the friendly western Queens press doesn't count) he just encourages even more population

... then spends his time building his resume in the party by helping others in the Senate get elected.

Needlessly to say, the residents in his district are too clueless to notice or do anything about it.

The locals are too clueless to

Deke DaSilva said...

"Ecuador is big news in your borough,"

Really? I'd prefer if Ecuador was big news in South America, thank you very much!

"I brought the president of Ecuador to the district, and thousands of people came to hear him speak,"

I must not have received the memo on that. Shouldn't the President be attending to problems in Ecuador, rather than taking a political junket trip to Queens?

I wonder what hotel he stayed in. I bet it wasn't La Quinta Inn!

Anonymous said...

Actually you shmuck, Ecuador is offering funds for its people to return and develop new businesses in their country. That was why he came becuase Ecuador now has become an emerging natural resource country since they grabbed back their oil and minerals back from foreign countries.

The Columbians are moving in droves to Ecuador to become America's version of 'Mexican' labor.

Anonymous said...

And what precentage of the Ecuadorians here are MS13?

Anonymous said...

MS13 is Central American, no Ecuadorian

Anonymous said...

Where's the Guatelmalean count? There are a ton of Gueatemaleans here! El Salvadorians too.

Anonymous said...

"MS 13" is a Salvadoran gang.

I guess all "brown folks" look alike to an ignorant "A" hole.

Anonymous said...

You are mixing apples and oranges. percent change isn't the same as percent.