Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not a bright guy

From NBC:

Police investigating the theft of a laptop from a Queens apartment building say a person of interest helpfully sent along his own picture to investigators through anti-theft software installed on the computer.

The burglary happened sometime during the day last Tuesday, Oct. 18, in Elmhurst, according to police. The intruder forced open the side door of a two-family home in the area of 83rd Street, and took assorted jewelry along with the laptop from the second-floor apartment.

Someone turned on the laptop last Thursday, and his photo was captured by an anti-theft program called Prey Control Panel.

It wasn't clear if the person pictured was the actual burglar, but police were looking to speak to him. Anyone with information is asked to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS or at


Anonymous said...

It's about time computers are using anti thief software. It should come free and pre-installed on all cell phones and lap tops. Hey Chuck Shumer get on it !

Captain Renault said...

Question: Is the person in the photograph?:

A.) A high school student with a genius level IQ who recently "aced" the AP Physics exam?

B.) A "quant" working for a hedge fund, reviewing the Black-Scholes options pricing model on a stock he's analyzing?

C.) A hard-working college student using a computer-based tutorial to help him study for the LSAT?

D.) None of the above

Time's Up!

The correct answer for this "SAT Life/Reality Question" is: "D"!

One look at this banlieue's mug, and you would know that the correct response is:


Anonymous said...

Another vibrant and diverse citizen!

Just because you bring a savage animal into society doesn't mean they will act accordingly. They will continue on in the only way they know how.