Friday, February 26, 2010

Pols want Dave to go

From 1010WINS:

Calls for Gov. David Paterson to abandon his election bid mounted Thursday as the state attorney general announced he would investigate whether the administration or state police committed a crime in talking to a woman who had filed a domestic violence report against a top aide to the governor.

Paterson's top criminal justice Cabinet member resigned Thursday over the burgeoning scandal, saying conduct by the state police was "distressing" for an administration that has devoted itself to reducing domestic violence.

Elected officials and other candidates for office clamored for Paterson to end his campaign, formally launched just five days ago, as the turmoil mushroomed around longtime adviser David Johnson. A police report detailed in The New York Times discusses a confrontation between Johnson and a woman over her Halloween costume.

The New York Times reported Wednesday on court papers showing a phone call between state police and the woman. Paterson's office acknowledges he talked to the woman but says she placed the call, and a spokesman for the governor denied anyone tried to keep the woman from pursuing a domestic violence case.

The state police said in a news release that they won't comment on any aspect of the case during the investigation by the office of Andrew Cuomo, the popular attorney general whom many would like to see run as the Democratic candidate for governor instead of Paterson.

The Paterson administration asked Cuomo's office to investigate the matter, and the attorney general's office said it would look into whether crimes or other wrongdoing were committed. The state police said Cuomo asked the agency not to open its own internal probe.


Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

Her Halloween costume? The NY State Democratic Party is one big Halloween party. Lazio, don't fuck it up this time.

Lino said...

"The NY State Democratic Party is one big Halloween party. Lazio, don't fuck it up this time."

HA! Loosie-o.

Please, he reminds me of the smarmy actor Richard Thomas aka "John Boy".

Paterson is not a bad person, in fact his heart is good but, he has surrounded himself with 'brothas' -and this is what happens when too much power is delegated.

Practice: Governor Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

How can Cuomo now challenge the Governor when he is at the same time conduct an investigation of him.

Any negative conclusions he comes to will appear politically motivated.

Cuomo should do the right thing and abandon any plans to run for Governor himself this year to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest.

He should run for re-election as Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

All of this chaos surrounding the Governor is not necessarily a bad thing. Good things can still be accomplished in a chaotic enviornment.

The Clinton administration is a good example. Bimbo eruptions every other week. The president himself impeached over his adulturous sex life. At the same time he made peace in Northern Ireland.

Is Paterson and his clan all that much worse? Is Cuomo really any better?

Or are they waiting till after he's elected to reveal what they know, in order to sell more newspapers. There are already rumors quietly circulating that he is living in sin with a woman who is not his wife.

Here we go again.

Anonymous said...

The headline should be: Everyone wants Dave to go.

This guy has been a disaster since day one.