Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sales tax collection down

From Crains:

Last year's county sales tax collections in New York were the worst in more than 17 years, according to a report released Monday by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

While Westchester County saw the largest sales tax collection decline, of 10.3%, tax collection in New York City, which includes five counties, still fell a whopping 5.9% in 2009, compared with the year earlier. Overall, gross county sales tax collections were $6.2 billion statewide, a 6% decline from that collected in 2008.

“This is yet another sign that the Great Recession is having a continuing impact on our communities across New York,” said Mr. DiNapoli in a statement. “These numbers are sobering.”


PizzaBagel said...

How to fill the revenue gap? Simple: Hike existing taxes and add a bunch of new ones. Problem solved, the Albany Way!

Anonymous said...

Less money for the thievin' politicians to steal.

merchant said...

Ha....come to Floo-shing where the underground economy (whore houses and illegal gambling dens) do not turn in tax money.

Most Asian (the low class ones that is) customers when confronted with the addition of sales tax on their purchase usually respond,"No pay ta"

Translation: "I never pay sales tax" (work it out).

Georges said...

So we are accountable for 5.9 % of 6% decline of tax revenue for overall NYS.

We should break away from NYS as quickly as possible!

Missing Foundation said...

So they will cut back on services that benefit your family, and makes things worse by taking away even more of your money by increasing taxes so they can pour a steady stream of funds into development projects.

And of course, wanting to be regarded as polite and civil and respectful, you will say nothing and morosely watch American Idol and mull over the latest rumor on Tiger Woods.

You will say nothing while your kids can't go to the college they should because you don’t have the money.

Nothing while your wife needs an operation but it will have to wait because you don’t have the money.

Nothing while your daughter has to drive that unsafe junker for another reason because you don’t have the money.

After all, we need that money for more important things, the really important things, like that developer's alimony payment to his two wives, his girlfriend's pied-a-tierre, and his daughter whoring it up on spring break.

Since you say nothing, who cares?

Anonymous said...

That's okay. They'll be swimming in dough from all the money they get by taxing my sugary sodas. After all, it all for my health, I won't be as fat.

Apparently the tax on electricity will be used to improve my night vision and I will improve my lung strength by screaming instead of using the telephone where one third of the bill is taxes.

Ain't government grand?

Anonymous said...

Calling all politicians -- Get a Clue. People don't have money to shop because we are in a recession and you keep taxing us on everything from real estate to water. Don't forget all the hidden MTA taxes on our utility bills. Oh, and lastly don't forget all the fare increases on the buses and subways. Yeah, your sales tax revenue fell. People have nothing left to go shopping with. Here's an idea -- LOWER the sales tax and people will come out in droves. Just a suggestion, but I'm sure our idiots in NYC government and Albany will continue to raise our taxes again until they force the middle class out of New York.

Cav said...

Let's not forget buying over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, but I'm sure our idiots in NYC government and Albany will continue to raise our taxes again until they force the middle class out of New York.

glad you were awake during civics. guess what? if you get forced out of ny where in the hell will you go?

a third world 'coontry'?

vote the sons of bitches out and tell all your friends to, also.

that is the only way we can win and have govenment (and our taxes) work for us.