Wednesday, February 24, 2010

City is dishing out the dough

From the Daily News:

The city plans to dish out $2 million on dinner for city workers who stay late during the next two years, budget documents show.

The so-called "supper money" kicks in after two hours of overtime for all unionized civilian workers, except teachers, under a little-known agreement that left many veterans scratching their head.

The dining dollars are set by each agency and generally based on previous spending for meals.

Workers - who see the cash in their paycheck, not actual food - are supposed to put in for meal money only if they agree to take comp time instead of paid overtime...

But the rules are fuzzy, even to agency bosses.


Anonymous said...

Tell them all to brown bag it, so when they work overtime, they can eat. People are having trouble putting food on their tables, but still have to shell out taxpayer dollars to feed these idiots. This is why the city has no money.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..

At the DA's office they work late they also get vouchers for cab rides home.

Anonymous said...

Unions are killing this city.

Anonymous said...

Well this is if they don't get cash for their overtime and take comp time instead. Comp time is becoming extinct in the city and the mayor's office frowns on agencies that still approve it.

PS: the city gave this to the unions in order to entice them to work for comp time in order to save cash, I am sure many, many private companies would rather offer comp time and meal money than paid overtime.

Anonymous said...

$2 million is nothing to get upset about. With all the snow storms we had the city would get off easy if sanitation workers decided to use comp time + meal money instead of cash OT.

Also comp time impacts pensions because civil servants pensions are based on their best two years of salary + paid OT.


Anonymous said...

All you union-busters out there should see this article for what it really is: another attempt by the NYDN/NYP/Bloomberg smear machine to turn the public against civil service workers.

It was the city and state labor negotiators that set the 4% annual raise pattern that everyone is now crying about. (Guiliani gave zeroes in the '90's) Do you think unions would turn those raises down because they were too high?

Bloomberg was trying to give the City (read: Manhattan, to hell with the outer boroughs) gilded public services paid for by taxes on the bonuses of his Wall Street cronies. Now that the cash cow is dead, Bloomy's trying to squeeze back that money on the backs of the City's middle class.

Anonymous said...

I remember under Guiliani when we got zeros and then 2 percent in the fifth year after he got re-elected. I was suprised when Bloomberg gave us 14% over three years one contract.

I agree, why would an agent or union rep turn down an offer like that. Sad part is the mayor promised to change the slow way the city does business and he seems to have added to the problem. Now if you call 911 for police or fire you may have to wait a little longer.

Anonymous said...

the extortion actions of the municipal workers union leaders is what has "turned the taxpayer against civil service employees".

check out the European Pigs,(Portugal,Italy,Greece and Spain. unions can not get blood from a stone. taxpayers are fed up.

Anonymous said...

brown bag it bitches.

Anonymous said...

the extortion actions of the municipal workers union leaders is what has "turned the taxpayer against civil service employees.


"It's all the union's fault." The smear campaign is working.

What's extortion? A strike? The TWU struck in 2005 to appease their militant membership and they got crushed (lost their dues check-off privileges.) Justice for breaking the Taylor Law.

Wake up... the City and State have the power to negotiate better contracts. They simply lack the political will. The City and State labor negotiators lacked the backbone to rein in raises when they had the chance and now the pattern has been set. Arbitrators look to the pattern to set new contracts. That's why the TWU got 4% raises last year despite an MTA that's hundreds of millions in the hole. Should the TWU have turned down the award? Would you?

Sorry that Dickensian wage slavery is creeping back into the private sector, but don't hate on the unions for that. That's exactly what Bloomy, the Post and DN want.