Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning the heat up on the Trib

From the Queens Chronicle:

Sex trafficking is a thriving enterprise in Queens, aided by the proximity of the two airports and the large immigrant population.

Informing the public about the illegal business and stopping it is the aim of an upcoming conference sponsored by the Center for the Women of New York and the Queens Chapter of the United Nations Association-USA. It will be held on Tuesday, March 2 at 7:15 p.m. at Queens Borough Hall, Room 213 in Kew Gardens.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, a nonprofit group in Washington, DC that provides a 24-hour hotline, sex trafficking is a “modern-day form of slavery in which a commercial sex act is induced from the victim by force, fraud or coercion.”

Ann Jawin, founder and chairwoman of CWNY, who is the moderator, said the program is aimed at ending the advertising in some Queens community newspapers of services “that are clearly a front for prostitution. I have looked at these ads and they are horrid,” Jawin said.

She plans to make the request to the weeklies in writing and if they don’t respond, “I will ask stores where the papers are distributed not to carry them,” Jawin said. “This is our first small step to end sex trafficking.”

Mark Weidler, publisher of the Queens Chronicle, was the first to sign the pledge, although this newspaper does not carry ads that promote sex trafficking.

“I am proud to sign the pledge and take part in this effort,” Weidler said. “Sex trafficking truly is a form of slavery. No respectable newspaper should be involved in promoting such activity.”

But not every publisher agrees, as many readers are reminded every week. The ads typically offer massage or escort services, sometimes with language that makes it clear sex is also an option.

Jawin noted the campaign is voluntary, “but maybe the community will put pressure on the papers that don’t cooperate. Other newspapers are not taking these ads; they are sacrificing income.”

She acknowledged the ads have existed for many years but she has never seen them to such a large extent as now.

Congratulations, Crappers. This movement is, in part, because of you.


Anonymous said...

Its about time! Queens weeklies used to be fairly good but as of late they are merely tout sheats for the machine.

Since the quality of stores in Queens have gone downhill the papers have gotten most of their revenue from

political whores,

real estate whores

and women prostituting their bodies

(not to be confused with civic 'leaders' prostituting their communities,

or non-profits prostituting their programs - or themselves)

georgetheatheist said...

I hope Jawin acknowledges the Queens Crap blogsite for HAMMERING this issue since the blog's inception 3 years ago. Humbly speaking, I was the first one to post on this topic. Vicki Schnepps at the Courier was the first to editorialize on it.

Jawin: "I will ask stores where the papers are distributed not to carry them." Hopefully that will do some good. Most readers, however, just gloss over these ads. (Witness a prolific female Queens Crap poster's self-admitted confession to that a few weeks ago.)

Hey, Jawin. Are you going to investigate the Tribune's Nussbaum and Schenkler's blatant ongoing connection with this organized crime? From where does this whoring $ originate? Is Tribune founder Ackerman on your radar? Why has the DA turned a blind eye? to these ads for years and years?

Alan Gross said...

As I wrote in the article entitled, "A U.S. Congressman. A Local Election. Religious Intolerance!", written for and published on the Queens Crap blogsite:

"Sex for Sale

What sets the Tribune apart from other Queens weeklies are the ads at the back promoting sexually oriented businesses that are mostly from Asian clients. Many in the Queens community are offended by the newspaper’s hypocrisy. On October 8, 2009, the Tribune ran a cover story about prostitution in the borough and how it impacted underage girls and their families. In the same issue, Schenkler’s editorial included, “Queens DA Richard Brown is great at what he does – since coming into office he has helped tackle the problem of prostitution that had been rampant in some parts of the borough.” DA Brown, a long-time friend of Schenkler, praised the Tribune for its efforts to condemn prostitution in a “letter to the editor” that appeared a week later. Here we have a well-connected newspaper publisher being lauded by the DA’s office while there are ads promoting prostitution within the Tribune’s pages."

georgetheatheist said...

Are the female Assistant District Attorneys in Brown's office oblivious to this blatant on-going prostitution? What's with these women?

Anonymous said...

Are the female Assistant District Attorneys in Brown's office oblivious to this blatant on-going prostitution? What's with these women?

remember the womens groups backing bloomturd?

Anonymous said...

Bravo Queens Crap and your readers !

Finally, someone exposes that grotesque pimp Mike Schenkler and his putrid sleazy sidesick Mike Nussbaum.

panzer65 said...

Lighten up..everyone needs a good massage now and then!

Anonymous said...

Hiram says it's OK.

Unrhee Lieved said...

panzer65 said...
Lighten up..everyone needs a good massage now and then!

You rubbed me the wrong way!
PS Could I have my money back?

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh! Hear that? It's the sound of Ackerman and the Mikes quaking in their boots!!!!!

Queens Crapper said...

Jawin should also ask the politicians to not advertise in papers that take whore ads either.

Anonymous said...

The Crapper rules!

Georges said...

Hey, folks can observe the late night parades of Chinese boys coming and going next door to see that young shy girl who lives with her 42 relatives, stacked to the ceiling with bunkbeds. Call 311 to investigate what gives!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jawin...HOW ABOUT PICKETING the "Trib's" office and the office of Congressman Ackerman.

Encircle them with angry women!

Are you just talk or will you actually put your feet where your words and photo ops are?

Look into Michael Nussbaum's "Shanghai Entertainment Ltd" too!

georgetheatheist said...

"Angry women"? There are 22
"complacent" women working or affiliated with the Tribune who haven't marched into Shenkler's office and hung his ass out the window. Check out their masthead.

Jawin is the only woman who has any balls.

Anonymous said...

I guess the village voice will the get all the ads? Shame on you,massive liberals.

Anonymous said...

0o0o0o0o0o I got myself a chica card from a guy on Roosevelt avenue and Main street.

I have a day off due to the weather. I think I can spend 40$ for a nice Colombian lady.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Queens Library allows the Trib Trash to be promoted in their lobbies. Maybe someone at the Library should give look at what they are offering to its patrons.

Cherokeesista said...

For over 2 years I have reported a whorehouse that is next door to my home and still it's in full operation my complaints fall on deaf ears!!!! I'm so sick to my stomach of seeing the men go in like their on a conver belt!!! and it's always middle age white men in their nice little family cars,they park get on their cell phones go into the building for 30 minutes to an hour and then leave everyone knows whats going on but still NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT!!! Maybe the 109th precinct is getting a nice cut or should I say a NICE PIECE:(

Toby S. said...

I have a day off due to the weather. I think I can spend 40$ for a nice Colombian lady.

I'll do ya for $25!

Anonymous said...

Who cares? I'm sure a bunch of these women being exploited are illegals anyway, so they should get what's coming to them, right? Everything is the illegals fault, isn't it QC readers? If not, it's the tweeders fault. TWEED, TWEED, TWEED! Oh wait...maybe it's the tower people!!!

Women are being sexually exploited in Queens...this should be the headline of the entry, not that the heat is being turned up on the Tribune.

Queens Crapper said...

Classic case of someone who reads what they want to read. No one, and I mean NO ONE on this board has ever advocated for violence against illegals. Deportation, yes. There simply are not enough services to go around, plus they have a high propensity toward crime (which we are the victims of and for which we pay) and not securing borders leaves us wide open to acts of terror coming from outside.

So please take your PC crap and shove it.

And as for the title of the post, I am the writer of this site, and I will post as I see fit. This was a direct hit on the Trib.

Anonymous said...

By bringing attention to the Trib's whore ads, this site has done more to spotlight abuse against immigrant women in Queens than women's groups have in the past 20 years. It's nice that they are finally coming aboard, but if QC hadn't brought attention to it in the first place, you'd likely have seen no interest or action whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the tweeders and tower people are very concerned about this issue. NOT.


"plus they have a high propensity toward crime (which we are the victims of and for which we pay)"

As another succinctly noted - NOT... Keep supporting those misconceptions, QC!!!

"There have been dozens of national studies examining immigration and crime, and they all come to the same conclusion: immigrants are more law-abiding than citizens. A 2007 study by the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) found that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are substantially less likely to commit crimes or to be incarcerated than U.S. citizens.

Ruben G. Rumbaut, coauthor of "The Myth of Immigrant Criminality" study, said: "The misperception that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are responsible for higher crime rates is deeply rooted in American public opinion and is sustained by media anecdotes and popular myth." According to Rumbaut, a sociology professor at the University of California at Irvine, "This perception is not supported empirically. In fact, it is refuted by the preponderance of scientific evidence."

The Immigration Policy Center study found that:

* At the same time that immigration—especially undocumented immigration—has reached or surpassed historic highs, crime rates have declined, notably in cities with large numbers of undocumented immigrants, including border cities like El Paso and San Diego.
* Incarceration rate for native-born men in the 18-39 age group was five times higher than for foreign-born men in the same age group.
* Data from the census and other sources show that for every ethnic group, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even those who are least educated and least acculturated."


Queens Crapper said...

Police commanders may not want to discuss, much less respond to, the illegal-alien crisis, but its magnitude for law enforcement is startling. Some examples:

• In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.

• A confidential California Department of Justice study reported in 1995 that 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in southern California is illegal; police officers say the proportion is actually much greater. The bloody gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on complex drug-distribution schemes, extortion, and drive-by assassinations, and commits an assault or robbery every day in L.A. County. The gang has grown dramatically over the last two decades by recruiting recently arrived youngsters, most of them illegal, from Central America and Mexico.

• The leadership of the Columbia Lil’ Cycos gang, which uses murder and racketeering to control the drug market around L.A.’s MacArthur Park, was about 60 percent illegal in 2002, says former assistant U.S. attorney Luis Li. Francisco Martinez, a Mexican Mafia member and an illegal alien, controlled the gang from prison, while serving time for felonious reentry following deportation.

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave

Anonymous said...

"As another succinctly noted - NOT... Keep supporting those misconceptions, QC!!!"

MS-13...ever hear of it? A gang made up of illegals. They killed 3 kids in Flushing so far.

Anonymous said...

"New York conveniently forgot the 1996 federal ban on sanctuary laws until a gang of five Mexicans—four of them illegal—abducted and brutally raped a 42-year-old mother of two near some railroad tracks in Queens. The NYPD had already arrested three of the illegal aliens numerous times for such crimes as assault, attempted robbery, criminal trespass, illegal gun possession, and drug offenses. The department had never notified the INS."


Anonymous said...

Here's a serious look at crimes committed by illegals:

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by U.S. Congressman Steve King (R-IA). If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

Total U.S. troop deaths in Iraq as of last week were reported at 2,863. Total U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan during the five years of the Afghan campaign are currently at 289, according to the Department of Defense.

But the carnage wrought by illegal alien murderers represents only a fraction of the pool of blood spilled by American citizens as a result of an open border and un-enforced immigration laws.

While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That's 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.

While no one – in or out of government – tracks all U.S. accidents caused by illegal aliens, the statistical and anecdotal evidence suggests many of last year's 42,636 road deaths involved illegal aliens.

King also reports eight American children are victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day – a total of 2,920 annually.

According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report released April 2005, a study of 55,322 illegal aliens housed in federal, state and local detention centers, jails and prisons found the following:

* The 55,322 illegal aliens studied represented a total of 459,614 arrests – some eight arrests per illegal alien;

* Their arrests represented a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses – some 13 offenses per illegal alien;

* 36 percent had been arrested at least five times before.

Anonymous said...

# Transnational immigrant gangs have been spreading rapidly and sprouting in suburban and rural areas where communities are not always equipped to deal with them.

# A very large share of immigrant gang members are illegal aliens and removable aliens. Federal sources estimate that 60 to 90 percent of the members of MS-13, the most notorious immigrant gang, are illegal aliens. In one jurisdiction studied, Northern Virginia, 30 to 40 percent of the gang task force case load were removable aliens.

# MS-13 activity was found in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

# The immigrant gangsters arrested were a significant menace to the public. About 80 percent had committed serious crimes in addition to their immigration violations and 40 percent were violent criminals.

# While immigration law enforcement is a federal responsibility, ICE cannot do the job effectively without assistance from state and local law enforcement, particularly when it comes to immigrant gangs.

# Failure to adequately control the U.S.-Mexico border and to deter illegal settlement in general undermines the progress ICE and local law enforcement agencies have made in disrupting criminal immigrant street gangs.

The MCAO report from County Attorney Andrew Thomas features these startling numbers for prosecuted felony cases in Maricopa County:

In 2007, illegal immigrants accounted for:
" 16.5% of those sentenced for violent crimes
" 18.5% of those sentenced for property crimes
" 33.5% of those sentenced for the manufacture, sale or transport of drugs
" 50% of those sentenced for crimes related to "chop shops"
" 35.8% of those sentenced for kidnapping
" 20.3% of those sentenced for felony DUI.

Anonymous said...

Ok great you can post articles supporting your positions back and forth forever. As far as this topic goes, no other blog in NYC has touched on the topic of newspapers profiting off sex trafficking. Kudos to Queens Crap. Ackerman, Nussbaum and Schenkler are pissing in their pants right about now!

Pull your head out of your ass said...

Illegal aliens who are victims of sex trafficking are often being exploited by other illegals. But let's not bring that up.

Anonymous said...

to confirm that much violent crime in the U.S. is committed by illegal aliens ,tune to :AMERICAS MOST WANTED,Channel 5 fox on Saturdays at 9PM. tape or dvr, and learn the real facts .

be vigilant, your family might suffer.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Shenkler. Who's going to cover this for the Trib? Lori Gross and Ira Cohen?

Anonymous said...

The fault does not lie with the Queens Tribune. The fault lies with the NYPD taking bribes and ignoring what goes on right under their noses!

The Queens Trib is broadcasting locations and phone numbers of the same hookers every week, and the cops should be taking advantage!

Many are likely to pay in cash and show up right at the Trib! Where are the COPS?