Thursday, February 25, 2010

Honest graft in the Bronx

From the NY Post:

Bronx Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who has been identified as a target of an ongoing Department of Investigation corruption probe, collected $8,000 in campaign donations from executives at Eastmond Corp., the same firm that federal prosecutors say paid Seabrook $50,000 to win a Yankee Stadium contract, according to campaign finance records.

Even though the company was virtually blacklisted after the Mayor's Office of Contracts Services issued two "cautionary" advisories about its questionable activities, Arroyo publicly has gone to bat for it.

Arroyo -- who funneled more than $80,000 to her nephew's nonprofit group only to see him indicted last year for embezzlement -- helped get a corner of Leggett Avenue in The Bronx renamed after Eastmond's founder, Arlington Leon Eastmond, in 2008.

Campaign records show that his son, Arlington Leon Eastmond Jr., the current president of the boiler company, donated the maximum amount of $2,750 to Arroyo's campaign last year. Two people listed as affiliates of the firm also donated: Tyren Eastmond, manager of the company, gave her $2,750 and Robert Reyes, listed on the company's Web site as a former manager, gave her $2,500.


Georges said...

Anyone with a steely hairdoo like Arroyo has could be vulnerable to being investigated for shuffling money and diverting it to, her hairdresser?

Anonymous said...

She should color her hair. She is too young to be grey. Also, her hairstyle makes her look mannish.

Anonymous said...

Hpefully,seabrooks brother will find him a nice room at the riker's inn.

linda said...

i believe what comes around go back around.. i hope she goes to jail.. GREED MUST REALLY SUCK ABOUT NOW!!