Friday, February 26, 2010

TDC puts on dog-and-pony show in Flushing


I’ve attended many a dog-&-pony show before, but look at what came out of the chute at the Flushing BID rodeo held at Flushing’s Sheraton East hotel: our bovine ex-BEEP Claire Shulman. From her appearance in these photos, she looks like she was pulled out of mothballs or some critical meeting with her Willets Point LDC cohorts.

Shulman attended, along with some of the other usual suspects, to support Wellington Chen and his pals over at TDC as they presented to the public their over-development plan for Municipal Parking Lot #1 in downtown Flushing, Flushing Commons. Could this appearance have been a condition for Shulman receiving her “Wellington Welfare?”

Is she not earning about a quarter of a million dollars a year lobbying for the Willets Point land grab project? Is she not often pictured with Wellington Chen, who’s closely allied to development companies TDC, F&T, Fultonex, etc? Hmmm, I’d like some of that welfare, too, when I’m put out to pasture. She clearly learned her lessons at the knee of mentor Donald Manes, and they pay well, too. In their continuing effort to destroy the quality of life in New York City, the Bloomberg administration is now selling off this public parking lot to TDC, a private developer.

TDC’s proposed private project is massive, dense, tall, oppressive, and quite dated in design. It will include upscale shopping, upscale condos, upscale offices but no movie theater for you masses to attend, even though it was previously required and promised.

Michael Meyer of TDC, also representing the Rockefeller Group, made the presentation. He seemed pretty cocky to start with, speaking to a business audience (plus reporters, of course). This reporter suspects he expected a sympathetic audience. Far from it! Concerns were raised about parking, Mom-&-Pop businesses being put out of business by the construction & eventual competition in Flushing Commons, truck delivery traffic, safety, etc.

The following evening-- Wednesday, Feb. 24-- CB7 held a committee meeting on the parking aspect of the project with the developers, with Meyers presenting again. The original deal required capping the low muni parking rates in perpetuity, but that seems to have gone by the board, along with the requirement for adequate parking spaces. Long term parking will be going to Willets Point. And don’t ask about parking during actual construction-- how many blocks do you want to walk from your car to stores or subway? Hey, the exercise is good for you!
I have a shorter version from another QC fan:

"The presenter for TDC/Rockefeller lost his cool at both presentations and treated the audience like mentally-impaired cows."

Well, we can see that there was at least one in attendance.


Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen and Barry Grodenchek are both on Bowne House board and look at that place.

georgetheatheist said...

Who needs commmunity papers when you have honest, cutting-edge, immediate journalism with Queens Crap blogsite?

Anonymous said...

The machine seems to be able to do two things:

Tweed and Build.

They are increasing YOUR taxes - taking money away from YOUR family - for this!

Jerry Rotondi said...

I also attended that shabby presentation at the Sheraton.

A member of the audience asked about what happened to having movie theaters included within the Flushing Commons development.

I interrupted, "Why don't you ask former Borough President Shulman" (sitting in the front row)...she sandbagged the RKO Keith's" (leaving Flushing without a theater.

When it was my turn to ask a question I politely offered the floor to Shulman so she could explain why municipal parking lot #3 adjacent to the LIRR was also going to be developed...and
would this dovetail with the building at Muni Lot #1 causing even further disruption?

An EDC representative quickly jumped in to soft-pedal my inquiry by dismissing the idea as way far off in the distant future.

H-m-m-m-m...funny how Shulman had recently been on record touting the development of Muni Lot #3 as a strong possibility.

Afterward Shulman hobbled over to me with a sleazy politician's attempt at soft soaping and asked me, "Are you angry at me about the Keith's...let's talk about it...".

My reply to her was, "The time to talk has passed well over 20 years ago".

Back then in 1986-87 she refused to meet face to face with the Committee To Save The RKO Keith's Theatre of Flushing Inc. to discuss alternative uses for that treasured landmark.

So I emphatically told her to, "Begone...I have nothing to say to have no power here" (anymore)!

Frau Shulman then scolded me bleating out that I was "RUDE" to which I replied..."And you are both RUDE & CRUDE madam"!

This was "our" same borough president that had defended Tommy Huang back in 1987 at a "Queens Unity Day" event held at the "Reception House" on Northern Boulevard by saying,
"Hasn't he suffered enough...he hasn't been able to build for a year...". (Sob, sob)!

So who has she been representing all these or her developer friends?

Anonymous said...

Shulman's LDC is reportedly under investigation by AG Cuomo's office, because Shulman and the LDC have engaged in lobbying despite being prohibited from doing so by the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, Section 1411. The LDC already has been held liable for unregistered lobbying by the Lobbying Bureau of the Office of the City Clerk, which imposed upon Shulman's LDC the record penalty of $59,090.00. But even that record penalty does not address the underlying apparent unlawfulness of the lobbying, which is ongoing.

TDC Development is the premier financial contributor (other than NYCEDC) to Shulman's LDC. It is conceivable that Shulman and the LDC have already unlawfully lobbied decision-makers involved with evaluating the Municipal Lot project, and other significant future projects which are not yet publicly revealed.

Among the targets of lobbying by Shulman and the LDC during 2009 were CB7 Chair GENE KELTY and Congressman GARY ACKERMAN.

Kelty should disclose to the public the nature of any lobbying directed towards him by Shulman and her LDC, and should do so prior to any CB7 ULURP vote pertaining to the proposed Municipal Lot 1 project.

Furthermore, if Shulman appears at any ULURP hearing to speak (i.e., at the public hearing held by CB7, the Borough President, the City Planning Commission and the City Council), it is the responsibility of those agencies to deny Shulman the opportunity to lobby, as doing so apparently is unlawful. See NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, Section 1411.

Curiously, Barry Grodenchik, the former Parkside Group lobbyist who collaborated with Shulman during the Willets Point ULURP, now has resurfaced as the Deputy Queens Borough President. While elected officials are prohibited from lobbying for a certain period of time after they leave office, apparently the opposite may not be true. As Deputy Queens Borough President, Grodenchik may be able to exert more influence on behalf of Shulman, her LDC and TDC Development, than he ever could as a staff lobbyist at The Parkside Group.

As for long-term parking being shifted to Willets Point: Don't count on it. The Willets Point redevelopment is mired in lawsuits, and cannot ever proceed without approvals of NYSDOT and FHWA for the construction of 2 new access ramps to and from the Van Wyck Expressway. But the ramps and the associated development will have severe adverse traffic impacts upon the Van Wyck and many other nearby roadways, causing gridlock and ruining commutes. Therefore, it is unlikely that the ramps will be approved. Without those approvals, the contemplated Willets Point redevelopment cannot occur, and long-term parking will not be shifted there. Thus it is inappropriate that the Municipal Lot 1 project rely in any way upon the Willets Point redevelopment.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Money to be made by all!

Anonymous said...

Just what Flusing needs. Anothter big influx of people under the flightpath of a major airport.

(BTW, what are the Tower People going to say when another few thousand are dumped on the line...this time my friends they will be ignored cause the Asian money and Asian tweeded stand at the ready.)

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me when enough is enough!!!

Fed Up said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think Claire is doing Wellington Chen?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Claire in jail already? She should have been fitted for her orange jumpsuit long ago.

Anonymous said...

I love Queens Crap! Real news for real people! This site has some great exclusive reporting. Keep up the good work.

Flushing Friend said...

Where is that new City Councilman Peter Koo? What is his position? Is it bending over to take it up the bunghole by Claire & Company? Perhaps he is planning a coup??!!?!?!??!

The Flushing Phantom said...

We've picked up a little buzz that Dennis Gallagher...THAT'S RIGHT Gallagher...a former councilman/granny rapist might be fielding calls for Peter Koo.

Can that be so?

If so...BAD, BAD BOY PETER "the invisible" KOO!

Anonymous said...

Granny Shulman doesn't look very much like she'll live to see either the Willets Point or Flushing Commons projects even started.

She's looking like crap lately!

Anonymous said...


Follow the bouncing ball and let's all sing together now:

"The eyes of Queens Crap are upon you, all the live long day.

Shulman and her shady cohorts just can not get away...

with screwing all us honest Queensites...

from early dusk 'til dawn.

She'll be taking her long dirt nap when Gabriel blows his horn"!

(The old squidgillum).

Cherokeesista said...

I Agree BRING IN THE FEDS!!!!!! Something is so wrong with what has been going on in Flushing, from the Elected officials to the 109th precinct!!!! It's been long overdue!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't she being prosecuted? Why is she still in power? Why doesn't anyone care? Why don't her peers give her the hook? Slap the cuffs on her already.

former trustee Queens Historical Society said...

There is one little fact regarding this TDC project...that perhaps is deliberately being kept quiet:

Macedonia AME churchyard is under part of Muni #1 parking lot.

Some of you users are parking their cars over bodies in graves right beneath the asphalt!


Attention all of you international investors:

VERY BAD LUCK TO PUT UP A PROJECT OVER A CEMETERY...even if those remaining bodies are exhumed and moved elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

VERY BAD LUCK TO PUT UP A PROJECT OVER A CEMETERY...even if those remaining bodies are exhumed and moved elsewhere!

Shulman is "dying" to get this done. A grave mistake. What's her cut?

????? said...

Don't trust of that scum at CB#7.

They're part of the dog and pony show and they will vote to approve Wellington Chen/TDC's project.

After all they're CB#7's landlord!

Anonymous said...


Aren't Bitterman & Chen asshole buddies?

Who arranged freebies and trips for who?

Irate Citizen said...

Hope you're reading all this Claire and crapping in your pantyhose!

Knock, knock, knock....the Feds are at your door!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll forward this link to the "Amsterdam News" regarding these African American graves that are being disrespected.

Anonymous said...

Where is State Senator Toby Stavisky?

She's become as invisible as Councilman Peter Koo.

Anonymous said...


Talk about a shadow government (LOL)!

Have they been paid to dummy up by Wellington Chen's crew?

ex employee said...


Wellington Chen can be much more destructive than the infamous Tommy Huang.

He quietly operates behind the scenes without drawing public attention to himself.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to kick in $100 for a Ralph Lauren custom designed orange jump suit when Shulman gets convicted.

After all she deserves some respect being a fellow Manes crook.

Anyone else want to add money to the kitty?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Where is State Senator Toby Stavisky?

She's become as invisible as Councilman Peter Koo.

And where are both of them regarding the proposed 8 story condominiums being proposed to replace the stores on Union Street? The Mitchell-Linden community stands to lose their library AND the post office named after Stavisky's late husband. Why isn't the Mitchell-Linden Civic Association on top of this issue??? Why aren't the community's elected officials telling the neighborhood what's being planned? This development will certainly cause overcrowding in a neighborhood that already has issues with lack of school seats, inadequate sewers, etc. I smell a rat...or Claire's discharge. Same thing!

Anonymous said...

Why does she do all this lobbying at here age? What can she possibly do with the money at this point?

Whoever is controlling her, they should at least let her have replacements for those awful wooden dentures.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to kick in $100 for a Ralph Lauren custom designed orange jump suit when Shulman gets convicted.

Why bother? She'll only soil it the first time she wears it!

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to kick in $100 for a Ralph Lauren custom designed orange jump suit when Shulman gets convicted.

Why bother? She'll only soil it the first time she wears it!



Anonymous said...

The people of Flushing and north Queens better wake up before it is too late! Main Street will be a "no man's (or woman's) land!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan has been the leader of bring overdelopment to Queens. Vote Avella.

Anonymous said...

Avella had been making a flurry of whistle stop press appearances all over NYC during his miserably failed bid to become mayor.

And look at all of those neighborhoods he promised to "preserve"...they still look like they not?

So am I going to cast my vote for Avella with his crappy track record?

Certainly not!

Anyway the Democratic machine is supporting him...the same folks who brought you all of that over development in downtown Flushing.

Tony the phony will go on to occupy some lower grade NYC civil service spot after Padavan trounces him!

That deal probably has already been promised to him by Crowley's clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Anyone insterested in speaking out should contact the "Our Flushing Political Coalition". They can be reached at

They recently had a meeting this past Monday at the lot to voice concerns over the project.

I also understand that Comptroller John Liu has been oppposed the the current development because of the lack of parking and the paucity of community space.