Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another hospital on its last leg

From the NY Times:

Thirty years ago, it was the great hope for the future of health care in Harlem, a new private hospital, opened at a time when public hospitals were seen as failing.

Harlem’s civic, political and religious leaders fought, often successfully, to get more money and more state subsidies to keep it going. But in a time of economic malaise, the hospital, North General, at Madison Avenue and 122nd Street, may finally be on its deathbed, industry officials say.

Like St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, North General is trying to restructure itself to avoid closing and has reached out to potential partners and the state for money to keep going, the officials said on Thursday.


Theodoric said...

North General wasn't exactly a new took over an antiquated facility called Joint Disease (aka The Joint)...which was failing at the time ...3 other hospitals uptown closed between 1977 and 1980..Sydenham (caused quite the uproar when it closed), AC Logan, and Jewish Memorial.

Georges said...

Gov Patterson's political base along with Rep Rangel is Harlem - in fact they run the Dem machine in these parts. Tell me why are these folks in office? Between the both of them they can solve the hospital issues with help from stimulus money from Obama.

What wrong with all these dysfunctional Pols, which now include Meeks and Smith? Are they all too busy plundering the phony charities that don't dole out money to where it was intended or are they that dense and clueless?

Anonymous said...

they are in office because they put the "spell" on their constituents.....

Anonymous said...

the old hospital for joint diseases moved to 70 th street /york ave. around 1970. it was just to dangerous an area to wander through, until Rudy and his n.y.p.d. put a stop to the muggings ,murders, and attacks.
the n.y.c. liberal/democrats had had enough of bleeding heart justice, because the homicides had

reached 2500/year . when he left office it was 500/year. most of those victims would have been minority citizens.

i stopped making sales calls north of 96 street during those years. two encounters with knife muggings were enough for me .luckily

i could handle myself in those days.