Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flushing corner clinic on hold...for now

"On the corner of 45th Avenue and 169th Street in Flushing there was a rather nice house.
Now it has become this:
The Station Road Civic Association got wind that the developer (name is evasive at the moment) was planning on building a 3 to 4 story medical/office facility. On the corner of 168th Steet and 45th avenue (one block to the left of picture) stands P.S. 107. Anyone that knows the area is aware that it is completely residential. The Station Road Civic Association was able to get enough support from the neighborhood and make so much noise that the plot is now for sale as is. Probably at a rather steep loss for the developer (think that means tax write off)." - anonymous

Actually, the DOB just reviewed the application on 2/11/10 and they'll probably get approval in the future. Better keep your eye on this one... Note "zoning approval pending".


Anonymous said...

Gee...I though that Tony Avella was supposed to have done a lot for them poor folks.

That's what happens when "preservationists" advise a city councilman. sure to vote for Padavan.

Anonymous said...

They have got to be kidding - have any of these idiots driven by PS107 when the school day ended? Cars are double parked around the entire neighborhood. Where does this clinic expect their "patients" to park? I live down the block and all of Auburndale has gone to shit!!!!