Monday, February 22, 2010

Video shows snow plow hitting cars

From Eyewitness News:

Surveillance video shows a New York City sanitation truck plowing snow, as well as plowing into a dozen cars in Manhattan. It happened on West 110th Street between Broadway and Columbus during last week's big snow storm.

On Thursday, the city's sanitation department viewed the video for the first time and responded with this statement, saying "A copy of the video has been turned over to the department's investigative division. And while the video appears to contradict earlier claims regarding the alleged timing of the incident, the department will make every effort to determine any liability."


Anonymous said...

Amazing this doesn't happen more often.

Anonymous said...

It happens a lot. Compensate the person who got screwed and move on. I dont like the the thought of my street not being plowed.

Anonymous said...

I fear that this could happen to my car or a neighbors, although I have never heard of a incident, thankfully.

It appears the 110 St Sanitation driver was untrained or clueless. It should be easy to ascertain who was on duty at the time.

What I suggest, if you have a light colored vehicule, brush off the snow from it so that it is visible to the Sanitation Dept. My relative had experienced this in DC with his white civic (short) and since uses a small plastic red flag placed on top of the roof to indicate it's buried in place.

Anonymous said...

NYC is full of self-entitled idiot drivers and that goes for the snow-plow drivers as well.

Anonymous said...

They want to weasel out of the liability because the "time" of the damage cannot be ascertained.

Anonymous said...

Jesus crist.

Great segment till the last 3 seconds of the clip

"...or, someone." just at they show a picture of a baby.

Shitty attempt to get people worked up with an "OMFG wont someone please think of the children!" move.

Anonymous said...

It just happened to me! I live in Middle Village, Queens and my car was smashed by a snow plough while parked on the street during the first big snow storm a week or so ago. They shattered my front axle, tire, suspension, front bumper - the works.

The damage was so bad that GEICO told me the repairs cost more than my car's value and they wanted me to claim it as a total loss.

Unfortunately since there was no video of the event, I couldn't even sue the city for repairs, so now I'm out $1500.00 ($500 insurance deductible plus an extra $1000 in additional repairs).

They just cost me an entire month's living expenses and I'm struggling to survive as it is.

And the unbelievable thing was that as Ii was standing giving the police my information, a snowplough came barreling down the street (a quiet, residential side street) at around 45 miles an hour.

Maybe that's not fast Queens, Blvd, but it's too damn fast for a snow slicked, residential side street!

I pointed it out to the cops and they just shook their heads and continued to fill out the report.

These sanitation workers can cause devastating financial damage to a working family and aren't held even a little bit accountable.

Heartless, irresponsible, criminal bastards...