Friday, February 19, 2010

Quinn focuses on jobs she helped destroy

From Christine Quinn's "State of the City" Address:

"We have empty industrial buildings in neighborhoods like Long Island City and the South Bronx - buildings that could easily be subdivided and outfitted for these small manufacturers.

But most property owners have been more interested in converting them to luxury condos, or keeping them vacant until the market turns around.

Working with Diana Reyna, the Council has partnered with two non-profits that purchase and renovate empty factories in Brooklyn.

Then they lease space to dozens of small manufacturers."

You mean you're admitting that when you led the charge to rezone these areas for luxury condos knowing full well that it would drive out small business, that it was a gigantic mistake?

Well, thanks for sharing. It's always easier (and less expensive) to prevent a mess than to clean one up afterward. Although we all know those luxury condos with their tax abatements and whatnot are the reason the city is swimming in money right now while the rest of the country is in the red.

Oh, wait a minute...


Anonymous said...

I saw her speak this on NY1, and could not believe what I was seeing. Quinnturd and her slush fund need to be gone. Such a waste of flesh.

Anonymous said...

this is a temp stopgap to make the empty properties tax payers and to provide jobs for illegal immigrant tweeded.

speculators are sitting on big sections of the city waiting until the economy rebounds (good luck chumps)

you bet our taxes are going into these properties to help this program.

Anonymous said...

Supply and demand, need I say more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do. Zoning messes with supply and demand, Mr. Friedman.

Shannon said...

Miss Slush Fund needs to disappear. Another useless politician. The worst part is she gets paid by our tax dollars. What a pig!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Council woman Reyna who was exposed in NY council hall of shame in the new york post and sell out ms kickback from developers Quinn.