Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jamaica bodega owners fear robbery crew

From the Daily News:

Cops are looking for a group of armed bandits responsible for eight robberies in Jamaica recently - all pulled off in the evening before the 10 o'clock news.

The robbers struck in groups of two to five over about three weeks, police said.

They hit seven bodegas - one store twice - and left with cash and cigarettes. They also brutally pummeled a customer in one of the stores.

"They're probably just a bunch of neighborhood kids who strike at the right time," said John Malone, a Queens robbery detective. "They're very haphazard."

Police have made one arrest after five men stole $1,200 from the cash register and $3,600 from an employee at Deli Express, 109-18 Sutphin Blvd., on Jan. 18, according to the criminal complaint.


Anonymous said...

He's not bad looking.

Anonymous said...

Gee....and I thought Jamaica was on the upswing.

You nearby "Estates" folks had better watch out.

Those "troublesome" minorities are about to ruin your property values (LOL).

Anonymous said...

NRA...all the way...shop keepers.

georgetheatheist said...

There's a nice police observation tower situated recently at the intersection of Hillside and Parsons. Yup, Jamaica is certainly an up- and-coming nabe.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica Estates is to Jamaica what Garden City is to Hempstead. Hillside Avenue is a shithole that even people from third-world countries would be ashamed of.

Occasionally there are incursions of undesirable elements on the territory of Jamaica Estates. Nevertheless, Jamaica Estates is among the better places to live in Queens. The neighborhood is patrolled both by the 107th precinct and by a full-time private armed patrol (Andrews security).

Anonymous said...

Keep on dreaming you "Estates" Ostriches!

Ya still gotta take the bus or subway sometime.

Oh...excuse moi...your chauffeurs drive you shopping!

And Fresh Direct delivers to sequestered nabes under seige.


Anonymous said...

Things must be worse than we think if you've got to pay "Andrews" all that loot just to keep you feeling safe at home.

Uh...maybe Senator Padavan has some pull with the 107th since he lives there.

What's the police response time?

Sorry....I'd rather live in Forest Hills gardens. Your nabe's cache is slipping.

And your defensive argument reveals it...dare we say...in spades.

Anonymous said...

I think Jamaica/Hillside is in need of cleansing of the proportions of the cleansing of Sodom and Gomorrah.