Friday, February 26, 2010

Subway station overhauls announced

From the Daily News:

NYC Transit is spending $700 million on a blitz to fix up subway stations, officials said Monday.

In a new program stretching over the next five years, 150 stations will get upgrades: new lighting, fresh coats of paint and sturdier platform edges, officials said.

Transit officials aim to improve more stations with limited funds by being more selective about what repairs to make, said Fred Smith, acting vice president of capital plan management.

About two dozen stations are slated for "renewal," or major overhauls, costing an average of $15 million, officials said.

An additional 130 stations will get more limited upgrades, focusing on fixing their most defective components, railings and leaking ceilings.

One of the first stations slated for a multimillion-dollar renewal is the A train stop at 104th St. and Liberty Ave. in eastern Queens.

Other affected stations are Seneca, Central and Forest Aves. and Fresh Pond Road on the M line; Pennsylvania, Van Siclen, Saratoga and Rockaway Aves. on the 3, and Hunters Point Ave. on the 7.


Anonymous said...

With people spitting their gum and throwing their thrash through the train doors onto the station, I don't see how the subway will ever look presentable.

Anonymous said...

As a Forgotten-NY fan, I have to ask, what station photo is that?

Also, it's ridiculous to see some of our youngest subway stations on Archer Avenue, leaking every time it rains.

faster340 said...

They are actually going to do something which is their responsibility?

It's called maintenance!!! But now they will have another excuse to raise rates.

"Look at all the money we spent on the nice shiny stations"...

That's the way they are supposed to look!

Anonymous said...

What is the station depicted with the New York Central Lines sign? Forgotten NY needs to know!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the only station with a connection to the New York Central Railroad be "Grand Central"?

PizzaBagel said...

Wouldn't the only station with a connection to the New York Central Railroad be "Grand Central"?

Possibly also 125th St. and Lex, although that's a one-block walk. Any stations in the Bronx, too?

stujessica said...

wow, this means they're finally getting rid of the 3 inch deep lake in my station at forest ave! WOO!