Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Self-certification = garage curb cut in crosswalk

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you...

A curb cut and parking garage exit in a crosswalk.

164th Street and Northern Blvd in Flushing.

The list of violations for this one is quite interesting. Naturally it was a self-certified job that doesn't conform to approved plans and DOB can't get access to do their audit.

But did they not notice the freakin' curb cut when they came to inspect? That doesn't require access...

You can't make this incompetence up, folks.


Anonymous said...

The curb cut does not have 7 feet clearance from the utility pole either. Seems like the builder extendeded the curb cut after he passed the inspection. The DOB should look into this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Transportation Alternatives will call attention to this. Maybe pigs will fly someday, too.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is LEGAL one on Main Street in Flushing that also has a garage exit/entrance going through the pedestrian sidewalk, near Kissena intersection. Entrane/exit are not as wide as Manhattan either. That one has been there past 10 years before the Asian became a predominant race on Main Street.

I walked by there sometimes and I can even feel it for the drivers as they exit or enter since they get frustrated with the heavy pedestrian traffic on main street.

Anonymous said...

The owner of this building got it...KOREAN!

Maybe Kevin Dukun Kim's cousin?

Queens Crapper said...

This was a Steve Chon project, too.

Anonymous said...

well, we cant say anything about it, It would upset the asians and we CANT let that happen!

Anonymous said...

The crosswalk was put in by DOT in the middle of the block after the building was already completed.

Queens Crapper said...

Now that's funny. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Certificate of Occupancy

Inspection Work Order Query
BIN: 4120494 Block: 5337 Lot: 27 Job No: 401538065

Work Order Number : 4-04-00575 Issue Date : 01/29/2004
Application Number : 401538065 Sequence No : 001
C/O Filing Status : NEW Date Filed : 10/28/2003
Applicant Name : Chon Steve
Requestor Phone: : 718-886-8781
Floors Requested : CEL CEL SC1 001 002 002
Range Requested : From To || From To
Apt/Condos :


Date Inspected : 01/30/2004 Time Inspected : 3:00 P.M.
Inspector ID : 0612 -- MARTELLI CARMINE
Supervisor ID : 1793 -- O'CONNER DONALD
Floors Inspected : CEL SC1
Range Inspected : From 001 To 002 || From To
Disposition : SIGNOFF FINAL C/O
Completion Date : 01/30/2004

Queens Crapper said...


Thank you.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Randazzo's building is located adjacent to the left.

Does he also work with Steve Chon...similar design?

There are quite a few Chon buildings from about 149th Street out to Bell B'lvd. Bayside along Northern B'lvd.

ceiling on my head lady said...

The inspectors cannot see because they have been blinded by being repeatedly struck in the eyes by heavy stacks of currency. As a final step, thick stacks of bills are wrapped over their heads and they are sent tapping down the streets with canes loaded with Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

I only say it because it is true.