Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wasn't Bloomberg creating 400,000 jobs?

From the NY Post:

No recovery here.

While economists say the Great Recession has ended and numbers out of Washington say the economy is growing at a robust pace, the local jobs picture remains bleak -- with just 21,500 city jobs in the state Labor Department's Jobs Bank for the 425,000 unemployed to fight over.

That works out to 20 people vying for every position.

The Big Apple's unemployment rate jumped to 10.6 percent in December, or 425,000 people, the latest figures available, from 10 percent the previous month and 7 percent a year earlier. In the past 12 months, 145,000 city residents have lost their jobs.

From Restless:

I have come up with a few ideas for a "Bloomberg Job Corps" that would put more of us to work right away.

Number One, there are now so many painted bike and other lanes around NYC that we could put thousands of people to work repainting them.

And since we wouldn't be able to pay the painters enough to afford rent, we could set up Depression-style tent camps along the lanes they maintain -- or just designate a "tent lane" in between the bike lanes, bus lanes, and dotted "Bozo lanes".

And when the crews have every line & lane painted thick and fresh as frosting, we could extend bike lanes into the subway, into airport terminals, and up escalators!


Anonymous said...

Bike lanes and a park in the subway if it was up to Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

How about painting over graffiti?
that would be a nifty gig. there are neighborhoods where you have to do this every week.

Hell Gate Kid said...

Ya gatta luv Crappy. That picure is worth a 1000 words.

This blog and fresh cup of joe is the best way to start you off in the 'new york state of mind.'

Anonymous said...

Great graphic, Crappy. That's a keeper.

Queens Crapper said...

Then photo credit goes to Restless.

Control said...

HAHAHA! Either restless is reading my mind or stole my idea on subway bike lanes:

Why bother providing service when the DOT is so full of Win making bike lanes?!

Anonymous said...

kinda funny to think back just a few months ago to bloomys fancy TV ads boasting his "5 boro economic plan" and claiming he would stand up to MTA.

Since he was re-elected, I don't think he has uttered the words "5 boro economic plan" or MTA.

Bunch of suckers in this city.. It should have been obvious he wouldn't be able to live up to these promises.

Anonymous said...

how about we take the food delivery and restaurant jobs away from the illegals and give them to Americans who want to work.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of suckers in this city.. It should have been obvious he wouldn't be able to live up to these promises.




Anonymous said...

Here's another idea, getting people to fill potholes instead of a thin layer that crumbles after a day or so.

Anonymous said...


Why not turn the tunnels into bike lanes? Eliminate the trains completely and just have tons of bikes in each station that don't fit throught the exit, so they can't be stolen - just ridden from one station to the next. Then you can pay the out-of-work conductors to ride them back to the stations that have a high demand?