Monday, February 22, 2010

ACORN folds countrywide

ACORN, one of the largest social advocacy groups in the country, has been forced to suspend most operations as of today.

The website was down by Monday morning, but the phone number for ACORN’s New York office was still connected, offering guidance on mortgage payments, first-time home purchases, general housing inquiries and ACORN housing maintenance. An operator was still answering the phones “ACORN, good morning,” and redirecting calls.

By noon on Monday, the phone message had been replaced.

“ACORN is not providing services in New York, but if you would like to receive information from local organizations with similar purposes, please leave your name, number and mailing address after the beep,” says the woman on the new recording, in both English and Spanish.

ACORN has for months been reeling from cash shortfalls as government funding was cut off and foundation grants were halted in the wake of legal problems related to charges of financial misdeeds at offices around the country. Unable to support their continued operations, offices have been closed and several key employees have departed. ACORN phone systems nationwide were shut down because of an inability to pay the bills. So too the main phone line for ACORN’s New Orleans office, which now responds with a standard phone company “the number you have reached is not in service.”


Anonymous said...

Well, there goes Ratner's support on Atlantic Yards .. no wait ... MAS and Pratt into the breach with ... [roll of drums please] ... 'planned development'!

We can march ahead with grim determination!

No problem, in the Brave New World of '3 Time's the Charm' Bloomturd we don't need 'those people' anyways.

Anonymous said...

It's about time these crooks were shutdown. Funded by our federal taxes, and likely city council slush funds from Christineturd. Good riddance and feel free to start the prosecutions.

kingb said...


Anonymous said...

Great news!

georgetheatheist said...

Joe said...

Good riddance, it couldn't have happened soon enough.
I hope they all end up in jail meating all those new urban friends they loved so much.

Babs said...

Good riddance.

kingb said...

don't be fooled
seems like they are simply rebranding themselves with different names:

KG2V said...

All they did was rename their chapters - for deniability - The new organizations are at the same addresses, with the same interlocking board structure...

Anonymous said...

The last two poaters have it EXACTLY right.

They will simply re-name themselves and continue to rip-off the taxpayer and advance the cause of evil.

These people want to destroy the country and don't care how it happens.

Anonymous said...

Pray that these people are prosecuted and tied up in litigation so they don't have the time to regroup and come back under a different name. Reel in their budgets. It's our taxes that are funding them.

Anonymous said...

There goes Prez Obama's fund raising for his second term (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

You are aware that creating this false image has been done by Rove and others in a Watergate style now for six years to attack a voter campaign that is baseless. Rove should be doing time for his dealings in Ohio and threatening the governor there and wife.

The pimp was fake so get your "investigative journalism" correct and do your work thoroughly. Have your read nothing of Nixon dirty tricks from Watergate which Rove admired and uses consistently.

News week January 26 2010
Katie Connolly
Fake Acorn pimp arrested in attempt to bug office
in Sen. Mary Landrieu's office.

Anonymous said...

He was a conservative tool this James O'Keefe from a GOP group from the U of Minnesota that is doing time very soon busted by the FBI.
He was a guy acting as a pimp that was just one of Roves dirty tricks for the last seven years going to destroy acorn because he doesnt want low income people voting and those who would not in their right minds vote for fascist conservative politicians.

Republicant's Suck said...

ACORN is being scapegoated. There was NEVER any voter fraud committed, as none of the rejected registrants ever voted. Evangelical Christian churches actually had MORE fraudulant registrations than ACORN (Maybe those churches should be shut down). Also, the "pimp" video was heavilly edited.

Babs said...

ACORN has done some very good things such as investigating complaints against companies accused of predatory lending practices and raising the minimum wage through lobbying efforts.

of course if the rich can lobby for their interests - then so can the poor.

I just don't understand the need for ACORN in today's society.

I also don't understand why the Right makes such a big deal out of them. They did embezzle money about 10 years ago, but the amount was nothing in comparison to the damage big corporations are doing to America.

Investigations should be commenced of course - but I just don't believe that ACORN has any impact on society one way or the other.

It serves as a distraction from the real issues actually.

Detective McNutty said...

Registering disadvantaged constituents may seem a noble venture but that doesn't excuse the corruption within Acorn.

Can people who comment as "anonymous" at least make up a name. You don't even need to register. People don't really think I am Nutty or a Detective. It is just weird when anonymous argues with themselves.

Anonymous said...

All you clowns bashing Acorn... you don't know anything except the flavor of Koolaid you drank.

And if you want to point fingers at corruption, you'd better get a whole glove factory of fingers ready because it's all around us and has no regard whatsoever for political ideology. If we were to shut down every corrupt operation, there'd be nothing left on earth except a handful of solitary Buddhist monks.

Lastly, Joe, you always amuse. You hope they end up in jail "meating" their urban friends? Very cute. Even the spellcheck you rely on can't block illiteracy.

Queens Crapper said...

Okay, let me tell you all why I hate ACORN. And it has nothing to do with Obama, illegally registering voters or anything like that.

ACORN created a phony pro-Atlantic Yards movement which was used as a rationale for why the project, which is costing the city billions in a time it can least afford it, should be pushed through. They accepted a million dollars from Bruce Ratner for this. Bribery, plain and simple. Considering that eminent domain abuse disproportionately affects minorities, it was a sickening position for them to take, and they are not worthy of government dollars.

But I guess I am just a kool-aid drinker for bringing this up.

Klink Cannoli said...

Why not bring the crap up, Crappy. If it hits home for you because you have something invested in the Yards, so be it. At least you're honest and passionate about something you believe in. A rarity these days.

For me ACORN is representative for all that is wrong with governance from the tip to toe. Time to get back to basics principles. Back it up to what this country was inspired and fought for. It's only been a bit more than 200 years. History for us has not that long been forgotten.

Joe said...

"meating" Is exactly what I meant !
Those brothers in the state penn call it "tossing the salad" Especially when they get hold one of their own who screwed them over.

Like that Gene Simmons song: "Meet Meat You In The Ladies Room"

KG2V said...

Let me tell you about ACORN

Twice my wife and I change registrations at one of their voter registration drive tables. My wife is a Dem, I'm a Rep - BOTH times, he change of address went through FINE - Both times, mine was lost

Media? Nope - I don't have to go by the media - I go by what happened to ME


Why do I hate ACORN? they are brainwashed children who spout the party line led by Nate Smith ("I worked on the Obama campaign and I answer only to GOD") and Sen, his yes boy.

they put Thompson in the crapper for Mayor. was Thompson paid to take a flop? me thinks so.

That's why I hate ACORN. watch as they get tangled up with Bill DeBlasio Nate Smith will be at DeBlasio's office.

ACORN, like a lot of crappy non profits tries to make like they are the end all and be all. They have no respect for real activists, because those people would agitate for living wages and actually do something besides kiss the ass of a do nothing politico.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Q Crapper on Atlantic Yards about this grass roots group but some of you others are throwing big accusations out there like saying all that is wrong with governance when they have little power in Federal politics.
Whats with the commieblaster mention?
Looks real credible.

But for some interesting corruption in politics with voter fraud does anybody remember 2000 and 2004?

Heres a good link on Acorn.

georgetheatheist said...

"Have your [sic] read nothing of Nixon dirty tricks from Watergate which Rove admires and uses consistently."

Really? Have you, Greenhorn, read nothing about how Nixon learned his so-called "dirty tricks" from DEMOCRATIC operative Dick Tuck?

Remember, this site is so-o-o educational.

Klink Cannoli said...

If you believe ACORN is a true grassroots group, you might believe in fairies too. There is nothing natural and spontaneous about it. The concept of a grassroots group is in itself a mask for political advocacy. A power structure in guise of citizenry concerns. That structure comes from all levels of influence. From George Soros to the President himself. There's no need for such groups under our form of governance.

Anonymous said...

The mighty oak tree of corruption has been uprooted.

We here that "Acorn" is already reorganizing as "Pistachio Nut".

Now...what king of corrupt tree can mature from their new persona?

Anonymous said...

Methinks that some Acorn trolls are busy posting.

Wattsa matta...losing your cushy jobs?

LibertyBoyNYC said...

"Wattsa matta..."

Trolling blogs is their new job. Gotta "info-cate" those masses.

John from Conn said...

Another Home Run Clink!

Anonymous said...

please show us where you got your information that the patriot, who has exposed the ACORN fraudulent use of taxpayer money,was "attempting to bug the office U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu"?

could you be an agent for ACORN,trying to spin the facts and using the disinformation left wing tactic.

it was reported that her employees (federal) were not
answering the phone calls from her constituents, after she accepted the "stimulus funds($300 million)for voting for the senate healthcare bill.
it now is known as the "LOUISIANA PURCHASE".

Anonymous said...

That stooge O'keefe was working for Beirtbart and Rove thats no secrect at all. Its straight out of Lee Atwaters playbook from Nixon planting and dirty tricks. The kid is being investigated by the FBI. They acted as phone company agents to tap to see if she was going to go with the healthcare plan, not the stimulus money that conservatives have accepted too. The kids lawyer is ironically also a lawyer from Watergate who was protecting tricky dick the felon. "When the president does it its not illegal" dick Nixon.

No one from acorn gives any care to this divisive blog when they have been dealing with GOP plants for ten years.
Want to talk about fake grass roots look at the Tea baggers express thats financed by special intrests like Scaife,Steve Forbes, Exxon mobile, and Roger ailes which is not the original tea party from Texas either. Your being used with rich old money from the likes of the funders of Roger Ailes fox news and Princeton.

Its the Freedom works company from Dick Armey from 2004 also connected to G Bush when he tried to privatize Social Sec. during his wreckless eight years.

Some righteous spouters like the Con might also want to step back because Cheney quoted Reagan and said debts dont matter. Another GOP man recently called the tea party white men useful idiots not knowing who pulls their strings.

Con sounds like the talk show host from Syracuse NY who defended the right wing plane flyer into the IRS building. Some militants who carry guns to Obama speeches six months back.

Thats right David Koch from Koch ind. funds you teabaggers. Americans for prosperity is their rightwing think tank name. Dangerous militants he funds to muck rack with agent provacteurs.