Saturday, February 20, 2010

Census already over budget

What a waste: Census bigs already count blown bucks

The nation's headcount hasn't even begun in earnest, but the US Census Bureau has already managed to waste millions in taxpayer money -- for everything from training employees who never worked to doling out gas reimbursements to people who barely left their car, a new audit has found.

And the small fortune already frittered away could be just the beginning.

The Commerce Department's inspector general's office, which conducted the audit, warned that the waste could balloon even higher once the $15 billion headcount kicks off in full next month unless there are tighter spending controls.

The audit focused on a Census Bureau project to update the agency's maps and mailing lists. The $444 million project, which took place in the fall, involved about 140,000 temp workers who were paid to survey the streets one block at a time.

The operation finished ahead of schedule, but still managed to run 25 percent over the initial cost estimates -- an overrun of $88 million.

Some $3 million was squandered because the agency paid $300 a piece to more than 10,000 workers -- who then quit or were let go without doing any work.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Acorn is in charge of the Census. Where did all the money go?

Anonymous said...

nah, it's not Acorn...
I worked for the census, and will probably work for them again... There is so much waste in there, so much overlapping of job duties and bureaucracy. lots of people don't know what to do or aren't allowed to do it.
maybe it's just govt in action, but it's a mess. if they weren't paying me, I'd be upset.

Anonymous said...

At the Queens office last spring, people were hired for eight weeks (for both field and office work) and were let go after two days because all the work had been done. So many people were looking for work, it was as if the decision had been made to hire as many people as possible so a lot of people would earn at least a little money. (But that does not account for the census being overbudget.) Really, the only people earning any steady money were/are the managers. ~ Eppie

Auntie Invasion said...

did you forget to mention all the translators that the Census needs? at the Board of Elections, you have to be a registered voter to work, but not if you are a translator. Again, one set of rules for the citizens and another for the invaders, the illegal aliens.

what's wrong with this picture besides making life easier for illegal aliens and more difficult for American citizens?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Waste and inefficiency. Instead of counting people, the government should count the billions of dollars that are wasted in this country. We keep getting taxed over and over again, yet our government has no money. We need accountability in government and a stop spending program until we can get back on track.

Anonymous said...

Census employee has left 3 notices (they are supposed to leave only 2) and he is ringing my bell for the 10th time in 2 weeks. No one told this guy it's over here in Queens.

Who answers their door to strangers in NY anyway? He has an id card and a box with a white sign. Big deal, I can make both those on my computer.
I'm generally alone in my bldg and do not answer the door for anyone. They are temp's and aren't bonded. They find out who lives alone and what hours they are not home.

This method is out of date, inappropriate for these times, and is a HUGE waste of money!!!