Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joe Crowley's recovery plan

From the Queens Chronicle:

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Queens and the Bronx) was also in attendance. He cited President Obama’s State of the Union address and noted, “there’s a lot of frustration people feel towards the government today.”

Crowley mentioned concerns that the commercial real estate industry will be the next economic sector to potentially fall. “Were trying to do everything we can to avert that, Crowley said. “One of the things I’m working on will be allowing for foreign investment to reach all industry.”

He also noted that a large amount of money is out there to revitalize the industry. “Anywhere between $75 and $150 million is waiting to be invested in U.S. real estate,” Crowley said. “Much of it will be right here in New York and it will help to provide equity for the commercial real estate industry and get people back to work.”


Anonymous said...

Well that certainly explains why a certain young sheepish-looking man is troupped around town.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at it. Residential Real Estate bubble bursts. Credit Crunch Crisis. Lots of lay offs. People are spending less to ensure they can pay the utility bills, pay for food and the like. Less consumer spending means less revenue for retailers. Retailers will be unable to pay rent. Owners and developers of commercial real estate will be unable to pay off loans, taxes, etc...
There has been alot of band aiding the dam going on in regards to the commercial real estate market. Look around and notice more and more for rent signs in shop windows replacing the HUGE SALE sign. This has been a long time coming and it's not the last shoe to drop. There is still the credit card financial collapse in the shadows and the looming dollar crisis. Think a country can't go bankrupt? Take a look at Iceland or Greece. Research what is happening to Portugal, Italy and Spain. Too foreign? California is between the 7th or 10th largest economy in the world and crumbling? New York State delaying tax refunds? New Jersey isn't looking too healthy either. What is going on in the other 47? Congress just raised the debt limit. Do we need more debt? Can it be sustained?
Is the system flawed or is it designed for failure?

georgetheatheist said...

That's a stock photo of Joe when he had his kneepads on in front of Manton.

Anonymous said...

ANON.# 2 ,i like your style.

some American patriots believe that the obama government is purposely setting the Nation up for modeling us after the European failing economies.

socialism and more socialism......

Lino still barely insured said...

"some American patriots believe..."

Read that as "some manipulated, am radio listeners" believe that tripe.

Obama is not a "socialist" -stupid, not even close.

As for his health care program remember that the Government is already paying for almost 50% of medical care here in the US, that number will steadily rise as people lose or give up on private insurance.

Like it or not we -are- headed for some form of government dominated health care within the next decade. The costs are rising at an unsustainable rate and it is killing our competitiveness and our spending power.

It is too bad that our country let the greed of the AMA and their republican henchmen kill President Truman's proposal in 1945 (and subsequent efforts) because we would have had a long established infrastructure of low cost medical education and reasonably priced hospitals care. Now, when the inevitable day arrives when the current system collapses, the transition will be much more costly and painful.

Most of those that have stood in the way will have died off and left us with one hell of a mess.

Read this:

Here in case you missed it:

Anonymous said...

Some Americans who are also patriots aren't buying the talk radio BS that Obama is the socialist bogeyman.

Snake Plissskin said...

This is about the head of the Democratic Machine who is not only ready to sustain a program of filling Queens with tweeded, but turning over Queens to the tweeded.

This place will be controlled by non-Americans so those losers in the clubhouse play out their stupid pointless lives of honest graft.

Seems to me the costs and risks to all uf us far outweigh the questionable gains to the very few.

Georges said...

This is about the head of the Democratic Machine who is not only ready to sustain a program of filling Queens with tweeded, but turning over Queens to the tweeded.

Crowley as head of the DM anointed and supported the disgraced woman beater and now criminal Himy Monserratt to step down form office. Where was Crowley on that issue - out of sight. His efforts to support real estate industry is outrageous - should he not be serving the voters whom are having difficulties with their mortgages or those who are trying to buy a house? His priorities are not with you my friends but where his next job will come from when you kick him out of office this year!

Anonymous said...

lets see how much aid crowley family appliea for aid for there commercial property they own that would be a good one to watch

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Let's just sell our country to the highest bidder. All the foreigners have invaded this country anyway, i.e. illegals. Let's just let them buy the US out from under us. Crowley has been in power too long. Time to dump him. We need someone who believes in the power of the American people. Only our citizens can turn this country around. We can start by voting out all these hacks. America First! Screw all the other countries. It's time we take care of our own.

Anonymous said...

RE:LINO,the liberal,
you are wrong again. the U.S.taxpayer is paying 100%
for the medical care(medicaid) that the food delivery illegal aliens,that your restaurants pay cash to.

how many pedestrians have they hit with their "licensed bikes" ?

recently Queens hospitals have closed because your alien workers use their emergency rooms and do not pay.
their children's medical bills are also paid for by the nys taxpayer until age 28.

Anonymous said...

the largest campaign donations to the democrat politicians is from the TRIAL LAWYERS .


Anonymous said...

Rep Crowley shows up in your area (Bronx is more popular with him) only when he has to beg for your support to keep his job - he is vulnerable this year by the way but otherwise does not care one whit about your needs if you are middle class home owner who live down the block from him. He knows that pandering to latinos in the Bronx by BS those who get a little grease for their nabs will be easier and better off for him to nab the majority of votes he needs to stay in office. If you don't know, his district since originally stepping into his office ( not elected initially) has been redrawn to insure he captures a good portion of eastern Bronx that has a high concentration of Puerto Ricans (US citizens) who vote. Thus you in Middle Village and Elmhurst get ignored because you question his positions and stances and are not aligned with what his loyal Bronx base of voters care about.

Get ready Middle Village and Elmhurst to oust this guy from his seat - he is a big shot Washington guy who is living large as already is and will do anything to remain in the seat.

Keep in mind he is the anointer of your local Democratic office seeker and was king-maker in getting your favorite candidate Monserratt in office - ask Joe about this in you emails to him!

Queens Crapper said...

Joe Crowley's district is not in Middle Village. That's Weiner territory as is most of Maspeth.

Anonymous said...

hey joe thats great 75-150 mil WOW maybe we can get sewers in willets point after all these years, you bum

Anonymous said...

if he talks like a (socialist) duck,if he walks like a (socialist) duck,then he is a (socialist)duck.....

tort reform will lower medical malpractice insurance for the doctors and lower medical cost to the patient.

the result will be less large payouts to the TRIAL LAWYERS,who donate the largest campaign contributions to democrat politicians.

"spreading the wealth" is communist/socialist action.

Anonymous said...

Crowley's district has one of the lowest turnouts, one of the lowest ratios of registered voters to voting age residents, one of the lowest per capita income tax rates. So statistically, it has the largest number of people riding in the cart with the lowest number of people pulling the cart. Crowley knows this and never saw a benefit or transfer payment that didn't want to champion in Congress. The "dependency class" is the voting majority here. A representative who would want to shrink the size of government at any level or support personal responsibility is unelectable in the 7th district.