Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ticket blitz gets even dumber

From Riverdale Press:

Ask Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz when a street is not a street, and he’ll probably tell you: When it’s a forest.

But when is a street that’s actually a forest still, in fact, a street?

The NYPD says the answer lies on Forster Place, a narrow private lane off of Huxley Avenue, south of West 261st Street, that turns to trees and shrubbery before intersecting with Broadway. Last December, Riverdale resident Sheran Tavarez parked along Broadway in front of the lane where Forster would empty out to the main thoroughfare — that is, if it weren’t actually a gently sloping hill replete with woods and shrubbery.

But a traffic enforcement agent, perhaps not seeing the forest for the trees, gave her a $115 ticket for blocking the traffic lane.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this. If the city really wanted to make money by giving out tickets, all they have to do is a cell phone blitz or go to any school in the morning or afternoon and get all the double parkers. They'd make a fortune.

Frank said...

Agreed! When I lived in Rego Park there was a stop sign along my walk to the subway that very few people actually stopped at. I lived there for three years and never saw a cop give a ticket. Yet every Tuesday and Wednesday there were an army of traffic agents handing out parking tickets.

Undoubtedly the people failing to stop at a stop sign are more of a threat to public safety than a car parked on the wrong side of the street and I'm sure the fine is more but it requires police officers to actually do work rather than traffic agents.

Anonymous said...

So right Frank, my corner alone, Austin and 67 Avenue, also school there, could build a new police station and 1,000 new officers.