Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Newspapers have issues with crediting a blogger

From Gothamist:

It's not exactly news to anyone that print media can sometimes get a story from a blog and "forget" to credit the original source. Maybe they just haven't learned how to hyperlink yet! Most recently the NY Post picked up a story without crediting blogger Miss Heather. Nieman Journalism Lab reports that when she "uncovered a major zoning violation in her Brooklyn neighborhood last month, it was only natural that the New York Post would pick up the story. But credit the blogger? That would be a violation of policy."

Well apparently the Post busted their own reporter: Suzi Halpin, a spokeswoman for the Post, insists, "The New York Post credits blogs, bloggers, and other media all the time, as our readers know."

And here's where Miss Heather busts him.

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Anonymous said...

What a surprise that the post did this when more than half their news is opinion without sources and the rest is tabloid junk. The paper is certainly a Murdoch rag thats for sure.