Tuesday, September 15, 2009

38th AD ballot - before Paterson

You'll notice this ballot for the Democratic primary has 4 names on it. Albert Baldeo, Farouk Samaroo, Michael Miller and Nick Comaianni. All four of them did fundraising, campaigning and went out and got signatures that qualified them for the ballot. The Board of Elections printed this ballot up. Then Governor Paterson stuck his nose in the race and called a special election which meant the Dems put up their favorite candidate and all that work by the other 3 went to waste. And how much money was wasted converting the ballot? When voters in the 38th AD go to the polls today, they will have to find a separate voting booth that was set up just to tally the results of the special election. The booth may not even be at their assigned polling site.

Today, the "D" on the ballot will stand for "disenfranchisement".


georgetheatheist said...

Si se puede.

It's time to make English the official language of the country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Queens voters stopped putting their stock into one party, that party would stop taking them for granted. End the "Democratic" monopoly!

Anonymous said...

then how do we have a secret ballot ?
even in my district you have to register and get a color coded card to show them how to supposedly set the machine--