Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Zig zag crap

Looks like Frank Lloyd Crap has struck again! This hideous design is at 53-28 61 Street in Maspeth on a subdivided lot sandwiched between 2 houses. According to plans filed, the building is 25 feet tall, but only 1 story. How did they get away with that? It sure looks like 2 stories to the untrained eye. But it contains a cellar, basement, and 1st floor. That's right, the first floor in NYC buildings is considered a basement, even if it's entirely above ground.

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Anonymous said...

See the "Cuts" and angles ?
These new POS buildings are drawn up on a computer that decides how to make use of every piece of material
Note the 90 degree angle cut on that fibreboard.
That cutout 1/8 sheet triangle will be used someplace else in the building.
2X4, 4X8 sheets, even glass in the "modern windows" are used the same way.

Imagine taking 2 decks of cards, cut deck cut in 1/2)
And thats the only cuts you can have to compleate a house using every piece.
This crap Idea came, like them nasty windows with the huge side capping from Europe BTW