Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How not to publish a newspaper, part 15 (website edition)

And it's back to the Queens Ledge:

How many pages labelled "Editorials" do we need?

Either they're short on content this week, or the guy who did the website left.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Phil Gooey? Seems like Walter Sanchez is on his way out. You just can't keep putting out crap and expect to make it.

One down, one to go.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the Queens Ledge start putting an "r" at the end of the name?

Anonymous said...

The Queens Tribune site still has "letters to the editor" from last September up.

Anonymous said...

Phil Guie was a Sanchez lap dancer. He's a little twerp nerd who has no self-respect and no backbone to stand up to Sanchez's bullying.

Guie crawled back in his hole while Sanchez is about to take a tumble.

Anonymous said...

Will the ledge be the latest once-respected business run into the ground by the worst businessman and publisher in borough history?

Anonymous said...

And to think I started my journalism career there? For being over 125 years old, I guess the elderly can get forgetful.