Friday, April 25, 2008

One more time...

Manhattan City Councilman Miguel Martinez has shipped hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a nonprofit group where his sister sits on the board of directors, a Daily News probe has found.

This fiscal year, the Council awarded the Upper Manhattan Council Assisting Neighbors $669,000 in so-called discretionary funds, of which $406,000 was sponsored by Martinez alone, records show.

Councilman sent $406G to nonprofit with sister on board


Anonymous said...

I guess none of the councilmembers seemed shocked when the Quinn scandal broke because they all do it.

Anonymous said...

What's the count up to now?

How many "slush puppies"
are part of this city council ring?

I've completely lost track.

(Now this is purely a
rhetorical/satirical question).

Are we gonna have any honest
council members left
when all of the dust clears....
ha, ha, ha ?

Anonymous said...

Let's give all these guys and gals the "Master Tweeder's" award
for cunning creativity, arrogance
and chutzpah!