Sunday, April 27, 2008

Toxic turf getting attention

Health officials are still trying to figure out whether the lead found in some artificial grass poses a serious health hazard for children who play on the fields.

But even as testing and analysis continue, some officials in the New York region have torn up decade-old fields and laid down new lead-free synthetic surfaces. Others have decided that the lead does not pose an immediate health risk and are leaving their fields alone for now.

In New Jersey, where health officials this month raised the issue of lead in the nylon fibers of synthetic turf, fields in Ewing, Hoboken and Newark are being replaced.

Worry on Athletic Turf Prompts Some Digging


Anonymous said...

This may sound kind of misinformed, but what is the problem with dirt fields if the grass doesn't hold up to wear and tear? I played on them when I was a kid without a problem. They are quite low maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 1 is missing the important point of the artificial turf.

First, the Commissar couldn't care less how dangerous it is or how many will die from even being near the stuff.

The critical feature of this turf is that it is an opportunity to spend gigantically with nobody knowing what the actual costs are.

That kind of spending leads to gigantic kickbacks.

No such thing as any billionaire ever saying that he has enough money. The Commissar's appointees also rake it in big time. Else they'll blow the whistle on the scam.

As things are right now, they only blow the Commissar in thanks,