Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Councilman paid wife's salary

Brooklyn city councilman Erik Dilan has funneled more than $180,000 in taxpayer money into a small nonprofit run by his wife, the Daily News has learned.

Dilan (D-Brooklyn) was sole sponsor of "discretionary" city funds for the North Brooklyn Community Council, a nonprofit that started out organizing youth football and has expanded almost entirely with government money.

His wife, Jannitza Luna, has been executive director of the group since at least 2005, tax records show.

She was on Dilan's staff before she began running the nonprofit, and she is a district leader for the Brooklyn Democrats.

Brooklyn pol put $187G of your dough into wife's nonprofit

And Queens is known as the home of All in the family!


Anonymous said...

What? Now you're implying that an elected politician and his wife shouldn't eat?

Add $112,00 to $186,000. That leaves only $298,000. Have you no idea at all how hard it is to stretch that money to cover the bills?

What is this? You don't like his politics, so now you're against stealing from taxpayers?

Next thing you'll be demanding that both he and wifey go to jail and repay the stolen tax money even if it means auctioning off all their property to recover the money.

How cold and crude.

Politicians need and want our money. Just turn it over and quit complaining.

Anonymous said...

And some poster keeps on asking for an explanation of our often used
term "tweeded".

Any (political) "boss"
using our tax money
to employ his friends or family
should clarify matters.

For further details
I suggest "Googling"
William Marcy (boss) Tweed.

Anonymous said...

It's the voters' fault for electing these crooks. The blind voters who vote for anything with a (D) next ot their name. Next time, think more independently.

Anonymous said...

The NY City Council needs a good enema!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until they investigate how Gallagher funneled his spending. The man did brag about using his position to get a relative a job according to a local paper. Or was he possibly too dumb to think of this scheme?

Anonymous said...

When I ask many people why they have or plan to vote for someone, it's not because of a (D) or a (R) after their names. What I often get is "He/she is nice" or "I don't like him or her" and no more.
Of course I can't think of a polite response to this - I just go mute.

Anonymous said...

It's the voters' fault for electing these crooks.


Just like its the public's fault that our communities are turned over to developers?

There are a number of reasons that we are in this mess - the machine that knows how to make everything, from elections to public hearings all but meaningless, but the blame has to be placed at the doorstep of a toothless media that cares only for real estate advertising and a lazy, elitist, short sighted preservation community that is not doing its job.

The cool thing is from crap built in their backyard, to the all but eventual overturning of the landmarks law, their policies will blow up in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's largely the voters fault.
The person who got elected by voters who say "she's so nice therefore I'm voting for her" is doing most of the turning over to the developers.

Anonymous said...

"It's the voters' fault for electing these crooks. The blind voters who vote for anything with a (D) next ot their name."

The ones who sport an (R) aren't necessarily any better. Didn't Pinky run on a "family values" platform? Both machines seem almost thoroughly corrupt to me. I wish we could get some local candidates who aren't products of any clubhouse, but those guys never seem to get any traction...