Saturday, April 26, 2008

Putting schoolkids' lives in danger

An overcrowded South Ozone Park school has long caused trouble for students and parents, so when a city inspector fined P.S. 124 last month for violating safety codes, anger came as no surprise.

The community asked for a school expansion, according to District 27 Community Superintendent Michelle Lloyd-Bey. Parents wanted the school converted from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade to K-8, and got their wish in 2006.

Overcrowded School Gets Fined

Parents said a variety of factors forced the school conversion. A wave of multi-family dwellings engulfed the neighborhood, bringing in more residents with children.

...insufficient space forces students into the hallways during their free time. A city inspector called this a fire hazard and cited the school March 31. It was reported that city officials reviewed the situation last month, but made no plans to correct it.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell would the Commissar care if kids are killed in a fire?

Are they registered to vote? Do they have any money? Do they contribute to his political friends?

Screw the children! Burn them out. Less expense.

Anyway, it's another opportunity to have his developer friends replace the school after the payoffs, the exorbitant bidding, overruns, and worker deaths.

You want alive? Get rich!

Anonymous said...

This has been a chronic problem in Queens for nearly 100 years.

Hmmm. Any newspapers want to take this up - naw, why should they - real estate ads are needed to pay for all the ink spilt on those politician press releases that masquerades as news.