Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Redefining a "green roof"

From LIQCity:

“...the roof-deck is Astroturf…so much for a “green” roof-deck. Wonder if they’ll still try to snare a tax rebate for having a roof garden from the city.”

Eastcoasters get the birdseye view of Avalon Riverview's new "roof garden"

Wow now you can get lead poisoning or cancer without ever leaving home!


Anonymous said...

Who owns the building? Benepe?

Does he plan to live in it once the next mayor is inaugurated and he's just another jobless city employee unable to find work in the private sector?

He has no skills or talent.

Anonymous said...

This whole word 'green' is starting to make me see 'red.'

Its a bit like 'work makes you free' and a private waterfront developer landgrab is a 'public waterfront access project' and everyone's fav, 'affordable housing.'

Anonymous said...

Thats a swimming pool cover with a weelchair ramp they dont use green due to UV algae groth issues.