Thursday, April 24, 2008

Living in denial in Fresh Meadows

This is from AM-NY's profile of Fresh Meadows:

The sprawling, tree-lined boulevards and quaint colonial cottages that color Fresh Meadows' landscape easily recall images of the picturesque, suburban American Dream.

Just a hop, skip and a bus ride away from Manhattan's chaos, Fresh Meadows is an unexpected relief from all of New York's big-city living.

Along Union Turnpike, the main drag, you'll find more commercial appeal with lots of shops, restaurants and, of course, traffic. But the rest of the town seems to have evolved little since its days as rural farmland in the 18th and 19th centuries, with tall, gnarled oak trees, ample flora and wide-open spaces.

"It's the best -- it's like country living in the city," said Steve Sciortino, resident and longtime co-owner of the local pizzeria, Fresh Meadows Pizza. "You have a lot of space and it's very scenic."

"It's just a really peaceful community within striking distance of what the city has to offer," said Rich Rinaldi, a Long Island police officer who's lived in Fresh Meadows nearly all his life. "It's a suburban setting within New York City."

Perhaps these folks haven't noticed that their neighborhood has gone to hell:

Fresh Meadows frightfest

Fresh Meadows crapscape

Demo row in Fresh Meadows

Fresh (pile of crap) Meadows

Fresh Meadows before & after

Ah, well I won't be the one to break it to them.

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Anonymous said...

The house prices in Fresh Meadows are still in a bubble and it's a high time they went down 50%. To ask $600K for a ranch on a 4000 sq ft lot is insane! Not to mention that McMansions are popping up everywhere and there isn't a single decent supermarket.