Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two elephants ready for action

"One candidate's cousin is responsible for the appointment of half the Queens board employees and another candidate himself appointed most of the other half of the board employees.

The bi-partisan staff might be innocently inclined to favor one or two candidates over the others since the board employees come through the Democrat and GOP county organizations. Or worse, they might be instructed to.

Sending the petitions elsewhere makes that type of influence, either the staff's own inclination, or more overt pressure, less likely."

Action In The 30th CD Special

Well, this will come as no surprise. They changed their mind.


Anonymous said...

Which one is Como and which is Ognibene?

Anonymous said...

Nah....that's Gallagher
behind Maltese!

Anonymous said...

Put a pair of 70's dico glasses on the one mounting and you have a not so pretty picture of Gallagher and that barfly "victim" from last July.

Queens Crapper said...

Nah, if one of them was Gallagher, it would be pink.

Anonymous said...

A woman meets a friend for dinner and a drink or two and she's a "barfly"? We females call you a "dinasuer". Personally, I hear an "abuser".

Anonymous said...

True dat "Crapper".

Since I gave up my drinking I
don't see pink Elephants any more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole damn
Republican party in Queens
is becoming a white Elephant!

Anonymous said...

I think the one up front
is Cimino.

Anonymous said...

If the one in front were Gallagher, he would be on his knees instead.

Did anyone hear the news? Gallagher pled guilty and apologized to the victim.

Oh, so Gallagher and the DA and the court know that he's the predator and she's the victim?

Then, how come Gallagher and his personal asswipes keep making comments that reveal their moronic ignorance of all this?

Oh, because he "would have been 'vindicated', except that he didn't have any money"?

Then, why wasn't his wife in the courtroom when he announced to the entire world for all time that he IS GUILTY?

Are his personal asswipes so perverted and depraved that HIS OWN CONFESSION in a public courtroom is to now be treated as just another of his lies?

Now, the record carries his SELF CONVICTION! Do his asswipes have a videotape of his innocence? If not, shut up and GET LOST.


So, guess what? He's GUILTY!!!! So, who the hell did he PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to? His wife? His kids? His dog? No, the VICTIM.