Thursday, April 24, 2008

Como holds fundraiser at Pinky's watering hole

Thank you Daily News for bringing us this invitation. Interesting choice of venue, considering that this is one of ex-Councilman Gallagher's favorite watering holes and he allegedly recruited one of their barmaids to be his staff member. Glad to see Como continuing a Queens GOP tradition. By the way - "community activist" - since when?

(BTW - that website doesn't work)


Taxpayer said...

This is too much!

Como plans to retain the staff of the sexual pervert. His staff? All the women say it was a twig! Limp, at that.

He invites supporters to the same place the sexual pervert drank till he turned pink.

Como drinks at the same bar as his mentor, the pervert.

Is this proof that he plans to hire the pervert for any in-office lapdancing activities?

Is this Como's way of surrendering the race to the brilliant strategist Crowley? Or, does he plan to hire Crowley as the lapdancer? Strategic lapdancing?

Julie said...

By the looks of him, he should run for councilman of Great Neck.

Anonymous said...

Great turnout. A total cross section of the district, representing many diverse constituents. Mr. Como not only enjoys wide support but also has momentum on his side. He'll make an excellent representitive.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anthony Como and I approved of the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Como not only enjoys wide support"

Where DOES he buy his girdles?

Anonymous said...

I'm Anthony Como and I approved of the previous comment.

Ok, that was witty. Touche

Anonymous said...

I've been a life-long activist - sure can't remember bumping into him anywhere. Where and what does he activate? How fun with that one.

Taxpayer said...

Como clearly graduated from the Hillary school of entitlement. He wants some office? He's automatically entitled to it.

Like Hillary, where has he been for all these years? Apart from building a house (a very short distance from the pervert Gallagher's) that violates not only building codes, but all notions of good taste, he's accomplished nothing of positive value for the community.

Was he out with Crowley all these years?

Anonymous said...

Hillary has been in the Senate - have definetly bumped into her. Don't know where Como was.

verdi said...


Get a look at that mouth breather!

Porko faccio.... miseria!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it folks, there isn't a whole lot of good candidates running for the council seat. Middle Village is screwed