Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Suspending the gas tax

As gas prices soar to new records daily, the Republican-led state Senate will call for the suspension of the state's gasoline tax as a way to cut the price at the pumps by more than 30 cents a gallon.

NY Senate to propose suspending gas tax

However, the proposed suspension could create a $500 million hole in state finances, already shaken by a likely recession, and would face opposition in the Democrat-controlled Assembly.


Anonymous said...

Suspending the gas tax? Are they crazy?
It's bad for the environment and bad for the tax receipts of the state. And it really does not do much for the common person.

They want to do something, well how about investing in high speed rail and increased freight rail for the nation?
If it ever happened it would reduce our oil consumption drasticaly, be a drastic improvement for the environment by reducing auto and airplane emissions and would employ millions of americans that would have to build the rail lines.
Oh wait, the oil companies, auto companies and airlines wont like it. Oh well forget it.

Anonymous said...

It's time that the freight rail enthusiasts realize that the airplane is the fastest and most economical way to ship goods. NYC is made up of 3 islands and the mainland. We are a water city. It really isn't feasible to have freight rail tunnels.

Anonymous said...

You idiot, I was talking about the state and the nation.
PS, you would be saying freight rail is a great idea if it did not literally pop up in your backyard.

Anonymous said...

You can always cut back on driving but I can't lower my thermostat
any's already set at 65 degrees in the day and 62 at night!

What about a cap on energy costs
and gasoline rationing?

Keeping me and the plumbing
from freezing
is a much higher priority!