Saturday, April 26, 2008

Suckers pay to BBQ in LIC

"I live in a new apartment complex in Long Island City. It's owned by the same company who have 3 other building there, one of them being built right now. We currently pay an "amenity fee" of fifty dollars per tenant per month for the use of the the facilities, which includes a swimming pool, screening room, billiard room, and outdoor space, known as the sun deck...

So, it now transpires that they are considering charging us approximately 35 dollars per hour to rent out gas grills on the sun deck, and whether or not anyone is using them, they will have to be rented out. There is nothing about this in our lease, and tenants are wondering whether the management company will have to change the terms of the lease to this effect?"

Ask Curbed: Are We Getting Grilled in LIC?

Excuse me while I go pop a dog on the grill in my yard (for free).


Anonymous said...

What a great place for noisy QuinceaƱera parties! Sure beats a public park or basement!

Can't wait until they open up the unsold apartments to family group rentals. Hell you can shoehorn an entire village in there!

Anonymous said...

family group rentals ?????
hell,i'm meaner.
section 8 baby !

Anonymous said...

As P.T Barnum once said,
"a sucker is born every minute"!

Hey, you stupidly paid top dollar
to live in (ha, ha, ha)
the "lap of luxury"in Queens West.

So you get charged
a "little extra for the perks.

You'd better chill out.

If you criticize your landlord
too much he might consider
imposing a New York City skyline viewing fee.

And if you refuse to pay,
he'll paint your windows black!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the roast pig and the salsa music so we can party all night!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Go development!!!!

What do you guys care? You love to pay a lot of money for shit, you've all said it right here on this blog. Love paying $5 for coffee, love hundreds of thousands of dollars for a space the size of my closet, plus maintenance. Good for you! You're securing the jobs of hundred of realtors and developers!

Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Roll out that Weber!

While your landlord is busy cooking the books, so he can squeeze
an extra million dollars for himself this year,
you can pay him extra to grill
your mystery meat!

Someone pass the mustard please.