Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here we go again

The city has frozen nearly $1 million in funds that a Bronx city councilman sought for an obscure nonprofit group conveniently located right across the hall from his own office, The Post has learned.


Larry Seabrook, a veteran Democrat who represents Co-Op City and the northeast Bronx, tried to steer $912,244 to the Bronx African American Chamber of Commerce last year, records show.

The 11-month-old nonprofit group's literature says its mission is to aid small, minority-owned businesses and help people find jobs.

But city officials rejected the application on March 6, according to the Mayor's Office of Contracts.


Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

This is how our "representatives"
keep their pet "not for profit"
organizations well behaved and
soft spoken and in line.

i.e. If QHS or BHS etc.
made any waves, their purse strings
will be cut PDQ!

And thus groups like
"Theater In The Dark"
go on and on and on....
as one of the Boro Prez's prime patronage job mills!

Anonymous said...

Anyone keeping a scorecard here?

How many are caught and under suspicion?

Anonymous said...

Better get some rock salt
and melt away all that slush!

I can't wait until they
finally nail those crooked
tweeding Vallones!