Thursday, April 24, 2008

Con Ed offers $260 to each blackout victim

The exact amount of the bill credits or rebates to be offered Con Ed customers in Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside and Sunnyside was unclear yesterday.


In a case before the state Public Service Commission, Con Ed offered to set aside $17 million for bill credits or rebates; compensation for food spoilage; a study of the economic damage caused by the outage; and aid for the Million Tree NYC Initiative, a city-led push to plant a million trees.

Con Ed also offered to eat $46 million it's already spent to rebuild the area's electrical network. The rebuilding expense would be charged to the company's shareholders instead of to customers.

Additionally, Con Ed offered to formally apologize in a notice on customers' bills.


Anonymous said...

Chump change is right!

How about a rate rollback/decrease
for providing crappy unpredictable and inadequate service?

Wait until the summer "brownouts" are imposed by Con Ed.

Use a voltmeter(as I have)
to check out your electric current
and you may discover that you're not getting full power (voltage)
during peak demand hours !

Isn't that called "shortchanging"
or "theft of services"?

It damn well is !

I'm going to calculate
the going rate per kilowatt hour
that Con Ed charges me for full power (110 volts)and then
deduct an appropriate amount
for the "brownout" service
I'm provided.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys - the more Con Ed pays out the higher our rates will go.

A public utility is regulated by the government - so any problems in service is the fault of ... yup, government.

As to the myth that the 'stockholders' are getting paid excessive dividends, well, I don't think that public utility stock is the target of stock speculators since Edison himself owned it.

Big holders of public utility stock are estates and trusts whose beneficiaries are widows, retired,orphans, and the like.

The people that float these 'facts' really pitch them to a public they think is ignorant and not educated.

Sort of like the old Greeks and Italians you see tending their fig trees off Ditmars (who are not as stupid as the politicians think they are).

Anonymous said...

The polticians get away with it because the newspapers just print anything they get from them, even if it is INTENTIALLY FALSE AND MISLEADS THE PUBLIC!