Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Intensive, in-depth assessment" of high-risk sites

Buildings Department To Access High-Risk Sites
By Staff Reporter of the Sun

One day after buildings commissioner Patricia Lancaster resigned, her replacement, acting commissioner Robert LiMandri, said his department would launch a $4 million "intensive, in-depth assessment" of high-risk construction sites in New York City. The Department of Buildings will bring in outside engineers to assess randomly selected sites with high-rise concrete operations, excavations, or crane operations in their construction. "This year we have seen an increase in accidents and injuries related to high-risk construction activities, and we must make sure that as construction activity in the City continues to increase, the Department's ability to hold the construction industry to higher safety standards keeps pace," Mr. LiMandri, said in a statement.

Hey Bob, in this city, they're all high-risk!

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Anonymous said...

Public relations to buy time. The public is watching the construction industry very closely waiting for another accident.

It will some. Just a matter of time.