Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Powerhouse more hideous than ever

Hey folks, Crappy knows a budding piece of crap when I see it. I've been making fun of this horrendous design for more than a year now. As the project progresses, it becomes even more obvious that I was right. This Restless person agrees:

I hated the Powerhouse the second I noticed the sun bouncing off its plastic Coppertone top, long before I knew it was one of Karl's. In fact I thought it might be a Donald Trump enterprise, because of the tacky casino faux-class of its round castle towers and metallic color. As I said in the comments, "If I worked at the U.N., right across the river, I would sue for degradation of view."

Thanks to Curbed for linking to this first.


Anonymous said...

I am totally for all the development in LIC. I enjoy the new neighborhood and have been battling the negative opinions of it.
But I have to admit the powerhouse is a piece of shit and it is in my opinion one of the worst things Bloomberg has done in his administration by allowing the old beautiful smokestacks to be torn down and replaced with this crap.

Anonymous said...

Dude. All we needed in LIC was one more doo-doo colored condo complex that's gonna look like doo-doo in 20 years. :(

31 cent scoops at Baskin Robbins today! Ice cream fixes everything.

Anonymous said...

lee ann,

don't kid around about the Baskin Robbins. Is it really 31 cent scoops???!

Unknown said...

Somehow manages to make the vent building for the QMT look good.

Anonymous said...

I am totally for all the development in LIC. I enjoy the new neighborhood and have been battling the negative opinions of it.

Loser, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Another big thank you to the preservation community.

The landmarks law should be overturned.

Anonymous said...

You dropped the ball on this one "CHOKE"!

As some lyrics
from the 60s musical"Hair" ring out,
"...The air, the air is everywhere...
breathe deep while you sleep" !

Anonymous said...

Wish the movie studio development project originally slated for this site did not fold.

Instead we now have the worst possible crap perhaps ever in NYC history, right here in Queens. You need to see this place up close perhaps like I did recently while having a smoke between courses at the Waterfront Crab house.

The building is a hodepoge multiple yuk designs with "what were they thinking" detailings. If you took all of the worst Pratt Institute Architech student ideas and threw them together - this building is what emerges. I can't imagine this place will sell as condo vs rentals - who would buy units here yet alone the neighboring buildings?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Crappy!!!

Anonymous said...

"Fuck Crappy"?

My, my, my,
that's some really "intelligent"
discourse for you.

But, what the hell if that's your thing, there's a steaming pile of it on my LIC sidewalk just
waiting for you to unzip your fly
and get into it!

Queens Crapper said...

"Fuck Crappy!!!"

Ha! No need, the politicians have already taken care of that.

Anonymous said...