Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Willets Point to be redeveloped in 2 stages

The so-called Staged Acquisition Alternative is summarized in draft plans for Mayor Bloomberg's $3 billion plan to transform Willets Point from a gritty industrial zone into a gleaming megacomplex with a hotel, retail stores, a 400,000-square-foot conference center and roughly 5,500 residential units.

City Economic Development Corp. officials discussed the option while presenting the Willets Point plan to the City Planning Commission on April 21, kicking off the public review process.

Under the alternative, the heavily polluted 62-acre site would be divided into two segments.

The western portion would be developed first, with land acquisition beginning in 2009, followed by site cleanup and then construction. Once the western portion is finished sometime in 2013, the eastern portion would proceed down the same path, with construction expected to conclude in 2017.

But [Borough President Helen] Marshall said it is impractical to develop the site piecemeal, particularly because it would produce the awkward juxtaposition of families living alongside contaminated land cluttered with junkyards and auto-body shops.

Borough President Marshall rips 'crazy' option to split Willets Point plan

Photo from Village Voice


Anonymous said...

Of course the western portion is to be "developed" first.

A buffer zone is needed
between the crappy playing Mets
and the auto wreckers
right across the street.

They're already calling the new
"City Fields"...."JUNK YARD STADIUM"!

Anonymous said...

So NYC is going to steal
all the the business owners' land
in two stages!

Anonymous said...

"Willets Point to be redeveloped in 2 stages"

Stage 1) Take (steal) the property.

Stage 2) Give the property to Wellington Z. Chen & Co.

The creation of Wellington Pointe continues......