Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crowley campaign reacts really inappropriately

Two anti-establishment 30th CD candidates - Democrat Charles Ober and Republican Tom Ognibene - will team up (today) to denounce an anonymous letter recently received by residents throughout the Queens district that attacks Ober because he is gay.

Ober's campaign alleges that the letter, which employs the word "faggot" multiple times, is part of a "dirty tricks" effort to undermine his candidacy.

In a brief phone interview, Ober, who says he is the first openly-gay candidate for office in the 30th CD, declined to say who he thought was behind the letter, but did note that he is not being supported by the Queens Democratic Party, which is backing Elizabeth Crowley, cousin of Rep. Joe Crowley, the party chair.

Ober, Ognibene Decry Anti-Gay 'Hate Mail' In The 30th

"It's outrageous that Charles Ober is allowing himself to be used by Tom Ognibene and the Republicans, since Ognibene’s entire career has been an affront to everything Ober claims to stand for.

Rather than standing with Republican Tom Ognibene, Charles Ober should work with other Democrats to take back this seat for the party."
- Alyson Grant, campaign manager for Liz Crowley

You'd think they'd try to deny authoring the flier instead of making such an asinine statement attacking the victim. So they probably did send it out. This sounds like typical Queens Machine tactics.


Anonymous said...

And you naive folks thought you'd seen the last of Gallagher. That is Pinky's bag of dirty political tricks personified.

Anonymous said...

So Pinky's working for Liz?

Anonymous said...

"Rather than standing with Republican Tom Ognibene, Charles Ober should work with other Democrats to take back this seat for the party." - Alyson Grant, campaign manager for Liz Crowley


So, Crowley wants to be elected to represent the Democrat party? Not the residents and taxpayers of the district? Just the party?

And people thought she was just a stupid twit.

She herself says that she is a dangerously, moronic twit, who, like Hillary, will say and do anything to get elected and get her hands on the money.

Your vote is precious. Use it carefully. Certainly, don't waste it on stupidity and greed. We've had that. Look what happened.

Anonymous said...

Its the Ognibene crowd that hates gays, not the Queens Democratic Machine.
Your no good at spinning Crappy, then again your supporters are idiots.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, and we all know that Dems would never stoop so low as to create fake fliers made to look like they came from a conservative candidate. The conservative candidate's campaign would never be so stupid. This is dirty politics 101.

Anonymous said...

Just shows that all the multicultural wonderful divesity crap spewed by the clubhouse, like their support for seniors, gays, immigrants, etc, is just a smoke screen to ....

MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Pinky's working for Liz?

Not on the payroll. He is a behind the scenes advisor. He is angry with Ognibene and Como. Not so much the individuals but the people on the campaign staffs. Nothing to do with his rape incident or it's aftermath. Pure ugly hatred politics in it's ugliest form. This newsletter is his baby. He is working behind the scenes with a third party Crowley staffer. Pinky is a despicable political animal, but his political instincts are are sharp as ever. We can say what we want but that guy knows how to run and win campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Jake LaSala is working for Crowley and Rick Metzger is working for Como. But they both report to Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

I am so offended by Crowley I dunno where to start. Decent folks of principal shouldn't be confused about who the 'bad guy' is here--the sender of the letter.

Unless Elizabeth's henchmen are behind the whole thing..

Anonymous said...

Amen, Taxpayer.


Alyson Grant replaced Bernadette Crowley as campaign manager rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Crowley standing at a podium with no microphone. That's a great campaign photo.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so right. Dennis Gallagher, aka Pinky Rove is slithering in the Crowley shadows to exact his vengeance against those who renounced him silently. Pinky Carville is going to get back at Tom Ognibene and Senator Maltese for turning their backs on him in his time of need. Pinky boy is too stupid to realize that after his "indiscretions" people wanted to avoid him like the plague. Pinky Morris has always been in bed with Parkside Group and now Elizabeth Crowley has slipped quietly under the dirty covers. The triumvirate of sleaze will stop at nothing to achieve their cheap corrupt political agenda

Anonymous said...

An Eyewitness News van was parked in Glendale today and there is a report about this on at 6pm.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all know Dennis is likely behind the anonymous mailings. The dumber they are, the more they reek of Gallagher. I remember seing some anti JCPA hate mail with same 'Dear Friends and Neighbors' and moronic mispellings as the letters his office used to send out. The foriclby-touching dwarf might as well have put his hate mail on council stationary.

Anonymous said...

I hope this backfires and gives some sympathy to Ober. Most passersby on the channel 7 report felt it was a terrible letter. Associating being gay with pedophilia is just ignorant and the old 'hope you die of AIDS' insult is despicable. What hypocrisy that a sexual predator like Gallagher would be behind this campaign.

Anonymous said...

People are saying that this was orchestrated by Ognibene and Olber so they could place blame at the doorstep of eithe Queens Political Machine

Anonymous said...

People are saying that this was orchestrated by Ognibene and Olber
Incorrect. This is Gallagher. It's Gallagher and it's being done with the tacit approval of the Crowley campaign, upper echelon. Liz allegedly knew nothing about it (high road plausible deniability) DPG is angry. very angry. At Tom. At Serph. At Como. Even Phil Ragusa and Jimmy Oddo. More on all that in the future. Right now he is on a mission to see his former seat go to the democrats. There is no quid pro quo here. No underhanded understandings or deals. If Crowley wins DPG knows there is nothing she can offer him publicly, including a thank you. His reward will be to see the faces of the Queens GOP as they realize he took the seat from them and handed it the democrats. This is what keeps him going as he flounders as an unemployed pariah. It's a distasteful, vindictive and near irrational zeal he is possessed with right now.

Anonymous said...

Crowley and company are getting ready to take ober out of the running with a challenge above all challenges on Monday. She will try to associate fraud as part of Ober's technique to get signatures. I will say that Ober is the only candidate that got no help from any one group. He used community people to get him the signatures he needed.

Como is said to have dipped into the resources of the board of elections to get people to help him with his signatures, Ognibene is associated with pushing the teachers from Christ the King High School in getting his signatures and Crowley as we all know, muscled the unions into throwing her people to get her signatures.

Ober is the only candidate that actually used good OLE fashion grass roots efforts to get his signatures and Crowley wants to use that against him. Is Liz too afraid to meet him on election day? Why does she need the machine to do her dirty work?

If Lizzy is so sure she will win against Ober then run a real campaign and not under handed tactics that we all know the Democratic party, here in Queens, is good for.