Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Failing to question the Queens Machine

From the Queens Gazette:

Ognibene and Suraci have charged that they weren't given an opportunity to get the party's endorsement and both have promised a strong effort to win the special election.

On the Democratic side, Ober announced a challenge to Crowley when she was endorsed by the county leaders. Ober claims he was not given a chance to address the group.

As a result, no candidate in either party can expect solid support and it appears that Crowley will have an edge in the balloting because of the regular Democratic organization's dominance of elections in the county.

Why don't the Queens weeklies investigate how this influence came to be and how they manage to hold onto the reins? Oh wait, I know why. Advertising.


Anonymous said...

From Toscano: No one has made a public move to try to depose Councilmember Christine Quinn from the Speaker's chair because of the widening investigation into misuse of city funds, but it wouldn't be any surprise if an effort to remove her is launched.

Many councilmembers, including several from Queens, have been very outspoken in their criticism of Quinn's actions because of the embarrassment they are suffering.

John doesn't even live in Queens but has important connections to the machine. The issue is not what she did, but the chance that it gives to someone on the Queens delegation an opportunity to move up.

Thats all.

(well there is something else - notice how many politicans are caught with their fingers in the cookie jar (and other things) as of late - the public just might start to question the fawning treatment of the local pols by the press)

Anonymous said...

Notice how these things came to light only after the law took effect that says councilmembers can't pay for ads in the papers anymore.

Anonymous said...

If Queenscrap was able to post some dates, times and places that Ober would be speaking - I know I would show up to listen to what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

Commissar Crowley
and his clubhouse Communism!

Anonymous said...

The local weeklys (particularly the one with the lost "r"), get all starstruck in the "presence" of NY City politicians.

They have been the stenographers and publicity photographers for their favored ass kiss.

These weaklys are perfectly happy to screw their paying readers out of useful facts so they can be on the invite list of trivial politicians. In the meantime, editors and publishers trade in drinks, sex, gambling and gossip with these temporary nobodies.

What weakly would be missed if it disappeared?