Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reservoir plan earns Parks a Bad Apple award

"For not yet heeding the call to preserve this unique natural setting in the heart of New York City (but with the understanding that it is not too late for a change of course), we award the Parks Department plans to develop the Ridgewood Reservoir landscape with an Earth Day 2008 Bad Apple designation." - Natural Resources Defense Council


Anonymous said...

I think that if and when the time comes we should all think about taking a more proactive approach.
Maybe late night visits to "disable" some construction equipment.
Trips to the park commisioners home, etc.
You know "proactive " activities.
If the media does not think destroying a natural habitat is newsworthy, maybe they will find some other, more racy activities newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Naw, lets just ask the press why they report that this is a green city as Queens gets lathered in concrete.

Write a few letters to the editor and send copies to Crappie.