Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Building tumor on East Houston Street

Another piece of great news courtesy of Curbed:

There it is, 14 stories of stepped-back bright red brick, with windows amiss and some big cross braces propping it up atop the worn old bricks of Number 51. However, Baksa's site says "15 Residential Units," which is quite a difference from the "41 Dwelling Units" shown on the project's application at DOB.

I'm so glad Frank Lloyd Crap is equally dividing his time between all the boroughs.

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Anonymous said...

What's truly scary is the effect this might have on my drinking at Milano's, located on the ground floor of 51. Anything which interferes with my regimen of Brooklyn Lager on tap, the Mets on the tube (when I can convince the beautiful barmaids to stay away from the YES Network) and Isaac Hayes on the jukebox will simply NOT be tolerated.