Monday, April 28, 2008

Slush scandal comes to Queens

Hiram Monserrate, a city councilman from Queens, has supplied more than $400,000 in city funds in recent years to a nonprofit agency that has been run by some of his closest aides and whose financial records have devolved into what its current director calls “a mess.”

Dysfunction at a Charity That Relies on Council Largess

The organization, Libre, which offers a wide array of programs and services for the Latino community, has not filed a tax return for the past two years. It has never registered as a charity with the state attorney general’s office, as required. And its director says unpaid bills and poor record-keeping grew so problematic that he had to all but shutter Libre last year.


Anonymous said...

Yet again? Is anyone keeping a scorecard?

How many on city council are now under a cloud?

Anonymous said...

No surprise here with Monserrate....
a long standing piece of crap!