Friday, April 25, 2008

Graves dug up at Green Church

Church's condo deal stirs grave concerns

A holy row has broken out in Brooklyn after more than 200 graves were dug up to make room for luxury condos.

Protesters gathered Thursday as the remains of 211 Methodists were moved from their resting places at a soon-to-be-demolished church to Cypress Hills Cemetery.

"This is outrageously disrespectful," said Kathleen Walker, a preservationist working to save the landmarked Bay Ridge United Methodist Church.

"I call it the church of greed," Walker railed. "The church isn't concerned about desecrating the bodies of its own congregants so long as they get their cash."

Parishioners who support the church sale and grave relocation bristled at the demonstrators, all of whom are not members of the church, as disrespectful.

"This was a solemn moment for us and to have these irrational people screaming at us is an absolute disgrace," said church pastor Robert Emerick, who held a prayer service over the remains.

The church is being shuttered because of the crippling expense of maintaining it and its crumbling limestone foundation, he said.

Developers plan to replace it with a smaller church and an apartment building in the next four months.

Demolition is expected to begin next month.


Anonymous said...

Well once again Sacred Sites program to the fore.

Thanks, guys.

Anonymous said...

"green church," as in the dollar bills they worship.

Anonymous said...

Wow, does this happen a lot in NY? I think I would be protesting too if my relative's (or MY) grave was dug up.

Glenwood NY Luxury said...

It's sad, it really is...but if the church is falling down anyway..and we all know that the dead don't complain ( except in Hollywood movies)..then of course,luxury New York City real estate will win the day.

Anonymous said...

A crime of national proportion to not only beauty and religion, but to all generations of humanity. Consider moving the church to save it. It's a myth that it is falling down, and is repairable. It only requires a firm with the expertise, and a group of determined citizens who will never give up.

Anonymous said...

Once the 'sacred sites suits' have a private meeting with the powers that be the green light is given: you will have no support from the perservation 'community.'