Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Astoria to get another power plant

Authority Approves Power Plant for New York City

The New York Power Authority is authorizing a new power plant in Queens to help feed New York City's growing need for power.

The state authority has selected Astoria Energy LLC to build a new gas-fueled plant in Queens under a 20-year contract. The decision will help make up for the loss of the Charles Poletti Power Project in Queens, which is due to close in 2010.

The power will serve government customers, including the New York City schools and hospitals, subways and commuter trains, and public housing.

Have no fear. Peter Vallone, Jr. is "on it".

Doesn't Astoria already have its fair share of power plants? I mean, why not plunk one down in the middle of Douglaston? Angry NYer agrees.

Update: Pete got fiery with the mayor today:


Anonymous said...

new facility will have 500 megawatts of generating capacity and will supply power to New York City schools, hospitals, subways, commuter trains, and public housing, the authority said.

Oh? And how in the hell to you tell 'Ready Kilowatt' (remember him?)to arrive at certain addresses and not others?

Exhibit A of the poor quality .. no on purposely misleading reporting that the public recieves from the media on development issues.

Anonymous said...

Look, Astoria needs more powerplants for illegal conversions and out of control develpment.

Note its not new hospitals. Its not new schools. Its not new cops. Its not new transit lines.

Its only something to support the development frenzy that is destroying our communities. And this is financed not from the developer profits (naw, they prefer to spend their money on vacations and boats and the like), but out of your pockets and from your children's mouths.

On this, lay the blame squarely at your city councilmembers. Speak up and ask them about this in front the cameras and reporters, then make sure the newspapers covers this without their usual bullshit spin.

If they dont, let Crappy know. You always have a place here, people!

Anonymous said...

In Douglaston, really? One of the few Historic Neighborhoods everyone on here is always complaining there arent enough of? Hows about putting it in Brooklyn, Staten Island, or the Bronx. Why on earth does it need to go in Astoria? Hell....they can even put it in Long Island City...but noooo the million dollar apartments there cant have a power plant in their view.

Anonymous said...

How is Douglaston considered a historic neighborhood but Astoria isn't?

Anonymous said...

"Hows about putting it in Brooklyn, Staten Island, or the Bronx."

I'll take Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth does it need to go in Astoria?

because CB1 is the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Queens Review on his youtube site. All the videos are Peter in action...

Hmmm, funny how this video is posted there already. Wonder if this entire execise was staged.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg hosted one of Vallone's fundraisers. The whole thing is a setup.

Anonymous said...

I agree - he read the postings here at Queens Crap (all the polticians do) and went ballistic.

A little theater in politics is always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Wait till his brother gets elected in Avella's district.

Eastern Queens will discover what happens when they don't work with other communities.

They still become like other communities anyway.