Friday, April 25, 2008

Is this really a people's victory?

Today in Sunnyside, Queens, representatives of Western Queens Power for the People were joined by Assemblymember Richard Brodsky to announce a settlement with Con Edison stemming from the nine-day blackout in western Queens. Under the terms of the settlement, residents who were affected by the blackout will receive a $100 rebate in their August or September bill, along with a written apology from Con Ed. Businesses will receive slightly more.

People 1, Con Ed 0

The settlement is unprecedented. Never before has a public utility given out a rebate without the recipients being required to fill out a form, and never before has the rebate gone directly on to the bill. This rebate also comes with no strings attached -- any resident or business owner who feels he or she should get more can still sue Con Ed.


Anonymous said...

Great, your local officials look the other way and overdevelopment crashes the grid.

They blame Con Ed who dutifully pays out money.

Financed by the rest of the city. I do not understand why I have to pay out of my pocket for your inability to rein in your politicians or control your community boards.

What else is down the pike?

Maybe the antics of western Queens should be watched by everyone.

Not only do developers hone their techiques there before their try their stunts on everyone else, but now its costing everyone else money.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Yea, they act like jerks and the devil is to pay.

Anonymous said...

No, you and I pay.

I always like cash givaways or tweeder programs.

Obviously a machine stunt, where they expect the public to think that money grows on trees.

Anonymous said...

They have been costing you money for quite some time.

Everytime a new building goes up, kiss your tax dollars good-by. Something has to pay all those infrastructure costs.

Your taxes sure ain't going into providing services for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Should read

Ratepayers 0

Developers & Politicians 1

Anonymous said...

That's the first time I ever heard of Assemblyman Brodsky and I have lived in Sunnyside for three years!