Tuesday, April 22, 2008

White's water woes

A nonprofit group run by City Councilman Thomas White owed the city nearly a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid water bills, according to records obtained by the Queens News.

Water bills at one the group's buildings on Baisley Blvd. in South Jamaica ballooned to $226,789.83, according to city Department of Environmental Protection records.

White (D-Jamaica) is CEO of the Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for the Jamaica Community Adolescents Program.

He recently sponsored two well-attended seminars in his district on how to pay off delinquent water bills - an irony that has raised the hackles of government watchdogs.

"It's incredulous that a member of the City Council would head a nonprofit that owes over $200,000 in unpaid water bills," said Dick Dadey, executive director of the government watchdog group Citizens Union. "As an elected official, he needs to set an example as a model citizen. He clearly is not."

City Councilman's nonprofit group owes quarter million in unpaid water bills


Anonymous said...

Oh, now. Let's not be angry ay Council member White for not paying $226,000+ in water bills.

The money is tied up for a while by the investigation into the hidden tax dollars that go to favored groups (Groups whose council member votes for Quinn's favored scams).

If White can just stay out of jail for now, and vote the correct way, and, just as soon as the US Attorney looks the other way, the money will be released, the water bill can be paid, and all the taxpayers can be relieved that taxes they pay are used for "favored" scams.

Anonymous said...

To expect that politicians
embrace a higher level of morality
than us mere constituents
is totally ludicrous.

After all,
they're just a step slightly above child molesters!

Unknown said...

I'm not 100% sure of this but the American Legion was told because they are a non-profit organization they are exempt from water bills, as well as some other perks. Now this may just be for the Legion I have to do a little more checking and I'll post again.

Anonymous said...

OK voters you did it again! When White was on the Council the first time he had the worst record of attendance. Dropped in a couple times a year. But, of course, he was voted in again.

Start looking at yourselves and then take responsibility.