Saturday, April 26, 2008

Employing illegals = tax evasion

The head of a business that supplies skilled, but undocumented carpenters to many home-construction projects on Long Island was sentenced Friday to 6 months at a federal halfway house for income tax evasion.

Businessman gets 6-month sentence in tax evasion

Jay Kuhn, the head of Kuhn Brothers Construction, in St. James, had faced up to 3 years in prison after he was charged with evading $400,000 in federal taxes by paying his workers off-the-books.

The arrest of Kuhn in July by agents of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service was the first public revelation of an ongoing federal probe into the payment of off-the-books wages to undocumented immigrants in the home-building industry. Three executives of other carpentry businesses are awaiting sentencing as a result of the investigation.

Michael Conroy, the head organizer for the Empire State Regional Council of Carpenters, who was in court, said because of the off-the-books situation, he believed taxpayers and the government around the country are cheated out of billions of dollars in revenue.


Anonymous said...

IF they can get the employERS on tax evasion,fine.

While they're at it,charge them as well for all the medicaid ,welfare,WIC fraud committed by their employEES signifiant others.

If the government was even half serious about the illegal invasion,all they have to do is start fining the employers and fining businesses catering to them by tolerating loitering,littering,public intox/public urination etc.
Basically--enforce the existing laws and watch them self-deport,and YES,laws are on the books in regard to hiring illegals.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said many times at many civic meetings....
if you can't get results anywhere else call IRS to report suspected illegally run businesses.

They got Al Capone on federal tax evasion so why not a scum bag builder?

The good old efficient 24/7 IRS
(Internal Reaming Service)!