Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pete pushing revised detector bill

The bill (Intro 650) mandates companies get a permit if they have any equipment, which can detect radioactive, biological or chemical weapons. The bill, which was drafted by the Police Department, has been toned down since its original introduction, which was hotly contested.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a coalition of 40 groups oppose the bill because they fear it will impede their ability to test for air and water quality for academic and research proposes. That rests on the assumption that the police department would heavily guard the distribution of its permits.

Detector Permits Debated Tomorrow (Today)

When first introduced, these members had signed on: Vallone, Joseph Addabbo Jr., Leroy Comrie, Lew Fidler, Vincent Gentile, Letitia James, Michael Nelson, Domenic Recchia Jr., Kendall Stewart, David Weprin and Thomas White Jr.

Now the only sponsors are: Vallone, Fidler, Sara Gonzalez and Nelson.

John Liu doesn't like it:


Anonymous said...

Just another attempt to control information and keep it from the people who live here and would be affected.

Anonymous said...

Good for Johnny. I'm beginning to think we live in pre-Glastnost Leningrad rather than NYC.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter Vallone, Jr. needs to get a hobby. He's becoming a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Note: This moronic proposal was requested by the Commissar himself.

He was acting in his capacity of Commissar of controlling necessary information.

He wants it to be that he, and he alone, will notify the public that the air is clean or dirty.

The Commissar wants to lie without possibility of contradiction. Reminds me of Hillary.